“Don’t come to WalMart”


Wendy Macrorie was ready to drive away from a Kansas City WalMart when a fatal shooting happened right in front of her vehicle.  Since the emergency responders had her blocked in Wendy did some video posting of the crime to Facebook.



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  1. I read about this a couple days ago. An excellent shoot by a CCW. The woman that was the victim of the car jacking was hit pretty hard as she had her back turned strapping her baby in the car seat. An unarmed guy tried to stop the bad guys and was shot but lived. The ccw smoked one guy and the other guy took off. Makes you wonder what would have happened to the baby if they were successful in stealing the car.

  2. There’s a Walmart by me. I’ve been going to the shopping center for at least 20 years. I never saw, or had, a problem. But I live in New York, a civilized section of the country.

  3. If she hates Walmart so much, what is she doing there in the first place. Surely she could find light bulbs and an innertube elsewhere.

  4. “Maybe she should have said don’t come to Kansas City.”

    I dunno, I hear they have some crazy little women there. Maybe she’s one of them.

  5. Wendy is an ignorant woman. There she is videoing a dead man and having a grand old time. She deserves a kick in the teeth.

  6. The big problem was that a good Samaritan shot and killed one of the people committing a vicious assault. We can’t protect people agains criminals. It reeks of White Privilege.

  7. Am I the only one irked that the UK is the only place we can get local news like this?

    Of course any crime stopped by a good-guy with a gun gets ignored and minimized by AmeriPravda.

    Is the whole of American media run by CNN?

  8. I went to walmart today to get a few items and ended up putting everything back (kind of) and leaving empty handed.
    Must have been stand in the fucking aisle and pick your ass day. Every aisle blocked by some fat ass with a cart full of artificial food.
    This is why I have to shop at 2:00 a.m.

  9. Actually this happened in Shawnee, KS which is a suburb to the west of Kansas Shitty, MO. Just to the north of this Walmart is an apartment complex that is a majority black folks. I live about 10 miles from this Walmart. I do not shop there.

    About 12 years ago my daughter was putting my granddaughter in the car and when she came back to the back of her car her purse was gone. The theft of her purse didn’t bother her so much as that someone had gotten that close to her and she never noticed it. Kansas Shitty is my home town and it has gone to hell. Can you guess why? If you have time look on Google for Shootout at She’s A Pistol, Shawnee, KS. The thugs (guess what color) came across the state line from Kansas City, MO and killed the owner, Jon Bieker. Jon was a great guy and friend who died protecting his wife.

    Never leave home without your gun and always be aware of your surroundings and who is near you.

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