Don’t give up

Don’t give up

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  1. With some determination on our part and caring people to guide us, so much good can be accomplished. Thanks for posting!

  2. A beautiful video of hope and happiness.

    When I got my cancer and was at my lowest point of depression because of all the pain and BS I went to my local shelter and got picked by a german shepard collie mixed doggie and the reason why I said I got picked was because she was the only dog out of 20 or so that stuck her paw through the bars trying to shake with me.

    I often say she saved my life because of all the support and love dogs can give to suffering people.

    Fast forward 13 years and it was my turn to save her when she was diagnosed with cancerous tumors that required two operations and the removal of her right front leg. After 6 months of home-therapy and a 3-leg harness she is her old self again… able to hop-a-long on her own, stand on her own, and do all those things that doggies do with the exception of jumping and stairs, she still needs help with those cursed stairs!

    Dogs are one the best gifts God gave to man and this video made my day!

  3. …I’m the sole support of my family, and I’m working two jobs right now, both of which require me to be physically able.

    I’m home today because I blew out a knee earlier this week. Wasn’t able to walk yesterday, so I called off to arrage doctor things. I’m hourly, so every down day costs me money. Hearing 2-6 week recovery times, wondering how we’re going to weather it. I was not a happy camper, getting kind of scared and worried here.

    Prayed last night for relief. Got better enough last night to let me sleep, and today, not knowing any of this, BFH posts this video where the puppy learns to walk again.

    Which I, basically, must also do.

    Thank you, Lord, for Your healing.

    Thank you, Lord, for this encoragement.

    Thank you for posting this, @BFH.

    I needed it.

  4. This will be my dog soon enough if she doesn’t stop jumping 5 feet down off the deck in a mad rush to get a squirrel that’s already on top of the fence.

  5. Be praying for you SNS. I got a pinched nerve a few weeks ago and it’s hard to sleep but it doesn’t hurt much when I’m working. On a side note, I really enjoy your comments here at this site, you really have a a lot of knowledge and experience.

  6. Thank you @Toenex, I’ll pray for you too. Appreciate the compliment,but all I did was live my life as the Lord laid it before me, and talk about it WAY too much after. Nice to have an anonymous family to share with, though, and I enjoy reading yours as well.

    God bless,

  7. Supernightshade,
    You can never proclaim the Lord’s works too much. You never know what seed these words are planting in another’s heart.

  8. very sweet, thank you.
    We just found out our first ever Great Dane has Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). It has no cure and he will only be 7yrs in April. So it is so sweet to see this pup’s recoverable story. Thanks again.

  9. About 16 yrs ago I discovered Curmudgeonly and Skeptical blog site. I adored Rodger’s sense of humor and the way he would sandwiched in what I called, “mental palate refreshers”, which were posts providing relief from politics. IOTW does this also with your posters and commenters. It’s nice here. 😊

  10. livingthecovelife JANUARY 17, 2020 AT 2:09 PM

    The best part is that NO ONE here is opinionated or judgmental.

    Always puppies, balloons, unicorns and warm fuzziness at all times…
    (pot is legal in IL now)

    I make thousands of IOTW Bucks by posting here and you can too.


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