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Don’t Worry… They Only Want Your Assault Ovens

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  1. Actually, the first gas stove I came across was an apartment in Maynard, Mass.
    Dude rented the apt to me and didn’t explain the damn stove.
    I’m lucky to be alive!

  2. Funny but I can’t find the words: “oven,” “water closet,” “light bulbs,” or “appliances” in my copy of the Constitution.
    Must be one of them old copies.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. This will hit poor people pretty hard.
    I’m serious.
    Older (cheaper) homes were often built with 100 amp electrical service panels.
    Well 100 amps doesn’t go real far, with dryers and air conditioners, and everything else.*
    So most of these homes have gas stoves and gas furnaces. You CANNOT replace the gas stove with an electric one without spending big bucks. So if that gas stove ever dies you better hope new gas stoves are still on the market. Or eat paleo.

    *These Democrats are the same jerks that want to force everyone into electric vehicles. Well EVs also put a huge burden on that 100 amp service.

  4. I washed dishes in a Chinese restaurant back in the day, and they had these huge, gas-fired woks that appeared to be heated by the afterburner from an F14 Tomcat. Most Chinese restaurants do, its part of what makes the fried rice so crispy but not burnt, and the chicken both fully cooked and tender, among other things. I did that starting when I was 14 for a whole bunch of years, but somehow we all survived, including the apparently 116 year old head chef and all of their customers (to the best of my knowledge) survived.

    My Chinese were actually Formosan (Taiwanese), so I’m not sure under the CCP owned Democrat arbitrary racism scale if taking all their woks would count as rayyyciss or not. Being of the wrong political persuasion, they’d probably be deemed White and told to go buy a hot plate.

  5. LBS, (i’m sure you know this)

    Your Propane oven/stove IS a GAS STOVE. They are the EXACT same unit but with a pressure regulator kit set at 11.5 inch WC & smaller Orifices to account for higher flammability of different fuel.

    Banning natural Gas IS also Banning Propane, followed by Barbecues & Charcoal.

    At that point, they hope people will be eating SOY & BUGS.

    Kathlene Wynne & the Ontario Provincial Liberals were trying to float this Idea 7 – 8 years ago in Canuckistan on “NEW Build” housing.

    Once again: Look North to Canuckistan & Ass-stralia to see where Cali-Fuckistan gets their ideas. It is a competition in Stupidity.


  6. Asthma in children is a reality. Millions use this type of stove.
    Right now the best one can is make sure your stove is properly vented when being used. Those non-vented hoods are totally worthless & don’t vent dangerous gas/fumes from burning natural gas or propane.

  7. I got a glass top stove and I have some small exotic birds.

    I was told by several sources including the OEM to not have the birds housed in any room NEAR the self-cleaning stove because it would KILL them.

    You know, like a canary in a coal mine.

    Why isn’t the CPSC worried about THAT?

  8. Maybe if this ban on gas actually happens, I won’t have to watch stuff like this:

    https: // .com/watch?v=9mkmnzcTlRg

    And local property taxes can be wasted on something else.

  9. I try to avoid any resistance-type appliance, esp. stoves.
    I guess it depends on whether or not you want the rare explosion from gas, or the more common structure fire from shit that uses metal so hot it glows.


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