Doofus At Wonkette Has To Eat Crow

Some jerk named Doktor Zoom, who apparently doesn’t realize that they write for Wonkette (a laughable entry on any resume), dubbed Jim Hoft as the stupidest Man on the Internet because he wrote about the biological dangers of Obama’s African Leaders Summit.

Zoom went on and on and on and on and on about how ridiculous Hoft, and guest blogger Kristinn Taylor, was to raise any concerns whatsoever about the ebola outbreak, even implying that they are (do I have to finish this sentence?) racist.

It seems the doofus, Doktor Zoom, needs to issue an apology –

Obama Announces Ebola Screening for D.C. Africa Summit …

Doktor Zoom – decreasing the status of other Wonkette writers even further with each and every lunkheaded post.


9 Comments on Doofus At Wonkette Has To Eat Crow

  1. You can bet your bottom dollar that the good Doktor would have called Bush racist if he had called for an Ebola screening at an African Leader Summit.

    BTW, who is interpreting for Barky this time?

  2. Leftists take heed: Don’t mess with Jimmy Hoft. He sees and reports the obvious, just early in the game. It takes a while for you leftists to comprehend, so when you mock Jimmy, you will look foolish and stupid a few days later, like Doktor Doom here.

  3. “Doktor Doom.”
    Sounds like a gamer name.
    Which tells me he lives in his mother’s basement and is all upset that he will no longer be covered by her insurance in a few months when he turns 26.

  4. Fur! You said ‘lunkhead’! This word from my childhood – a looooong time ago – makes me smile!

    Quite accurate, no?

  5. Let me get this straight. 50 African country leaders will come to the US with hundreds of staff, relatives, flacks and security. They will spread across Washington like drunks at Mardi Gras. The hotel staffs will be exposed, the restaurant staffs will be exposed and most of all the ladies of the night will be exposed. Smart move Mr. community organizer.

  6. The politboro couldn’t ask for a better venue than Washington and hope the entertainment will include many, many Hollywood stars, and backers of the party of Obama. The party of Lennin hopes that these Washington leaders travel to NYC, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta and other centers of progressivism and cultural enlightment to spread their wisdom (and whatever they are infected with).

    We do despair of any virus of impacting on Moochelle as our medical researchers have informed us that he/she/it has so few original parts left that it is questionable whether any disease that afflicts humanity could penetrate the articial skin that protects her inner workings. Our intelligence agencies actually believe she is some sort of hybrid cross of a skunk, snake, and alien lifeform.

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