Dots Connecting Quickly: Bruce Ohr Worked With Andrew Weissmann, While Nellie Ohr Worked For Fusion GPS in 2015

Conservative Tree House: Last Sunday Representative Darrell Issa was being interviewed by Maria Bartiromo about the testimony of Bruce Ohr when Issa innocuously said that Nellie Ohr was working for Fusion GPS in 2015.  Previous to that statement by Issa the timeline for Nellie Ohr working with Fusion GPS began in April of 2016 (simultaneous to Fusion beginning the contract work for the Clinton Campaign and sub-contracting of Chris Steele).

If the 2015 date was correct, this was a big deal; a VERY BIG deal.  Well, today amid other revelations within an excellent report by Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller, the 2015 date is confirmed:

[…] Republicans pressed Ohr about how his wife, a Russia expert named Nellie Ohr, came to work for Fusion GPS.

Ohr testified that Fusion approached his wife for a job and that she began working for the research firm in late 2015. California GOP Rep. Darrell Issa said Ohr testified that his wife was paid $44,000 by Fusion GPS. As TheDCNF has reported, Ohr did not disclose his wife’s Fusion income on his annual ethics disclosure form.

Perkins Coie, the law firm for the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee, paid Fusion GPS more than $1 million for the Trump-Russia project. Fusion paid Steele nearly $170,000 for his work. (read more)

If Nellie Ohr began working for FusionGPS in “late 2015”, an entire set of prior suspicions now gains a lot more traction.  We have long suspected that Fusion-GPS was one of the contractors with access to the FBI/NSA database.  The contractors were conducting political opposition research by exploiting the FISA 702(16)(17) process which would be available for counterintelligence purposes; hence the DOJ-National Security Division.


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  1. A shabby and drab old hippie woman finally got her chance to stick a knife in america’s back and she happily took it.
    Her and her oddball husband need to be placed in a cage for at least 20 years and hopefully with a lot of company.


    Ive said it many times here the last 16 months, but Ill say it again –

    At best the CIA+FBI have been bad. At worst they have been the worst enemies of America and Americans for 18 years. They should be abolished and all workers fired!

    * If you’re under 60 this may not register. Ask your folks!


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