United States Achievement of Going to the Moon Removed From Idiotic Armstrong Biopic

American Mirror-

…Ryan Gosling, the Canadian actor who plays Armstrong in “First Man,” Hollywood’s rendition of the moon landing, told the Telegraph the magic moment was intentionally omitted from the big screen because Armstrong’s achievement “transcended countries and borders.”

“I think this was widely regarded in the end as a human achievement (and) that’s how we chose to view it,” he said. “I also think Neil was extremely humble, as were many of these astronauts, and time and time again he deferred the focus from himself to the 400,000 people who made the mission possible.”

The actor admitted “I’m Canadian, so might have cognitive bias,” but he believes Armstrong didn’t think much of patriotism.

“So I don’t think that Neil viewed himself as an American hero,” Gosling told the Telegraph. “From my interviews with his family and people that knew him, it was quite the opposite. And we wanted the film to reflect Neil.”


Oh, that’s what you think? Well, why not accurately depict HISTORY rather than what you think?

An American flag was planted on the moon, not a “human” flag.


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  1. 55 years ago all my “friends” who did not want to die for JFK went to Canada. Canada was anti America in 1963; still are! the more things change, the more they….

  2. Marginalize these idiots.

    You do know that if the soviets made it first, this moronic movie would be flying the hammer and cycle everywhere.

    Dont patronize hollywood.

  3. As things are going in Hollyweird and the MSM we’ll have the same flag as the French depicting our nation….the white flag of surrender.

  4. Only Hollywood would spend millions of dollars to film, produce and distribute a biopic about a famous man, all the while intentionally omitting the portrayal of the event that made the man famous in the first place.

  5. Yeah that’s it, don’t show the moon landing because Armstrong was really a person of note because of his choice in shoe fashion.

    There appears to be some jealousy from Ryan, coming from a country that’s primarily known for clubbing baby seals to death.

  6. Well, if the Canadians involved don’t think the U.S, flag should be flying in the Sea of Tranquility, they could just go and take it down

  7. I think this was widely regarded in the end as a human achievement

    Because they all vote. In America. After the Moon.

    Because America is on the right side of history. After the last, Great War.

    Because the only failing of communalism, was the rightly chosen people, not yet ruling the world.

  8. “I’m Canadian”. Big effin deal. Can you play Hockey? No, then what good are ya?

    I’ll be surprised if you can’t see wires supporting the astronauts, you know, just to make it an “accurate” depiction of the event.

  9. I lived in Canada for several years, and I recall several instances at social occasions where some buffoon would go off about the space program being a waste of “our” taxes. They were promptly set straight that it was MY taxes, and I approved of the expenditure, thank you!

    That being said, after their yokel PM Diefenbaker gutted their aerospace industry, thousand of Canadian engineers moved to the US to work on Apollo and other projects.

  10. His skin’s pretty thin….Might have to fold it over a few times.

    I predict this Movie will have plenty of diversity at NASA…and in

    the Space Capsule….I also predict it will FLOP!

  11. And they tell me that it is not possible to hate the self-ordained ‘nicest people on the planet’ the insufferable fail at everything ‘Hosers’, EH!

  12. Maybe they could send sissy Justine into England’s orbit and plant the Canadian flag on Teresa Mays moon like butt!

  13. The cheese heads would probably have Bob and Doug McKensie from the Great White North doing the commentary for a Canuck moon landing. And they’d probably think that the Moon was full of beer and of course an endless supply of cheese. Eh, take that you hosers! And I wish I could do a great loon call like they did. If you want to watch a great space race movie watch The Right Stuff.

  14. To rephrase an old dumb blonde joke, Two Canuck airheads, a couple of dumb blonde bimbos are sitting around a campfire and one says to the other, “Which is closer the United States or the Moon.” To which the other airhead replies, “Well duh (Eh!), you can see the Moon but the US has already beat us to it.”

  15. Another revisionist movie; do they think those of us who lived through this era are already dead? This reminds me of the flop of a movie a few years ago about three black women mathematicians who were supposedly the smartest people at NASA and saved the whole space program. Hollyfuckinwood.

  16. He’d need an awful lot of duct tape and a rocket powered Chrysler K car. And his ultra nerd nephew Harold could be the chief engineer. Also why don’t we blame Canada for everything like they did on South Park.

  17. Such an amazing accomplishment, even with the handicap of testicular cancer, should never be forgotten. Wait – what? Neil? Oh…never mind, then.

  18. They’d have to change the man’s prayer from Red Green, “I’m a man and I can change if I have to I guess,” to “We’re Canadians and we can change if we have to we guess, maybe.”

  19. @Corona August 31, 2018 at 8:44 am – The moon needs a human flag. Let’s make one out of Obamas’ skin.”

    I thought you wanted a _human_ flag. Ozero doesn’t qualify.

  20. Gosling’s a quisling. From the previews I’ve seen, they portray Armstrong’s wife as a real bitch.
    No thanks; I’ll give this flick a bye. I was here for the real thing.

  21. Gosling is just another douchebag actor, Canadian or not. I love it when he says “we how we chose to view it” as if he had any say in the matter. He’s just an actor, he gets told where to stand, what facial expressions to make, how to move, the words to say and then gets told to wait in his trailer until his next shot. He then says how he thinks “Neil” would react as if he knew the man. The man’s a dipshit actor, just like yours.

  22. Ever since I saw Ryan Gosling play the role of the safety who just was too damn slow to cover the wide receivers in the 1970 Virginia state championship game …. I’ve been telling myself “Here’s a kid who really understands the motives of Neil Armstrong.”

    I had thought that, seeing as how he saw action in the Korean war, he was motivated by a strong sense of American patriotism, like absolutely everybody else his age. Apparently, he was way ahead of his time and thought like a multi-culti Millenial douchebag

    Thanks for the head up, Ryan

  23. I don’t like your reality, so I’ll make up my own.

    It’s what I do.

    As Master Thespian John Lovitz once said:


  24. Taking out the US flag from a famous picture is changing history and is just wrong. The Soviets were masters at editing pictures.

    I wasn’t planning on seeing the movie anyhow, but now, more that ever, I will doubly not see it, if that makes sense.

    Who really needs anything Hollywood pumps out anyway? It’s mostly trash, even Disney movies. Should go straight the sewer. The people in the business are busy going nuts or committing suicide.

  25. Gosling is big with the kids. This movie isn’t aimed at Boomers or GenX. It’s going to be required watching in public school social studies, where it will be taught as “history”. If you have posterity in the schools keep watch.

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