The President Gets Specific About How Many in the Media Suck



“These are just dishonest, terrible people,” Trump said of the news media, adding “Not all of them. Honestly, not all of them. I would say 85%.” The president’s riff came after decrying a recent New York Times story which characterized one of his recent rallies as lacking in enthusiasm.

“She made the statement that President Trump was disappointed to see some empty chairs. Yeah, they are going to the bathroom may be,” Trump said of the NYTimes reporter.


5 Comments on The President Gets Specific About How Many in the Media Suck

  1. Only 85%? I’d say that was a bit low. Most of them prove on a daily basis that you can suck enough.

  2. Of course, during many Clinton events during the 2018 Presidential race, CNN and other networks herded the paltry crowds together and framed the shot so as to appear that the venue was crowded, although Clinton would have killed for just a few empty seats. But that didn’t fit the narrative, and we all know that the narrative is the truth regardless of the facts.

  3. There was a single protestor last night in the packed, packed, packed to the rafter Indiana rally (with thousands more outside).
    President Trump quipped, “Watch. Tomorrow, the dishonest media will report massive numbers of protestors.”
    That line is so funny because the media is predictable in its dishonesty, so we all know there’s a grain of truth in the joke. Point made.


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