Dr. Tar’s First Novel

Here is a short synopsis

A speculative thriller set after the healthcare industry has collapsed only to be replaced by a new government agency, the National Health Service, which becomes the only health insurer and centralized medical provider.

One man is caught in the middle of powerful forces when he discovers a scheme to steal millions from his employer, a private hospital operating outside the law to provide cancer treatment to desperate people. Forced to rescue his father from an impersonal system being manipulated by the murderous thieves out to recover the money only he can access, Stanley Williams must come to terms with his own demons and fight for survival when confronted by relentless electronic killers programmed to destroy themselves as they eliminate their target.

You can read the first 20 percent of the book for free. The text has received full approval from the e-book platform so you should be able purchase the complete work.

Currently in e-book form  Here

The author thanks BFH for the wonderful cover, Lisl for her suggestions for improving the text, and his family for their support and patience during the writing and editing of this work of fiction.


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  1. Is it available in print form?

    If I can sell enough I will have it printed, but I’m basically offering it now in electronic form only.

    At this point I have no idea how much it will cost to do a hard copy or how many books to publish. I assume it will cost upwards of $10,000 and then I have to sell them, which is going to be a lot harder and expensive than e-book, since I am my own publisher right now. -Dr. Tar


  2. Thank you whoever you are to have purchased the second copy of this novel.

    The book is designed to showcase Conservative principles presented in an entertaining read. Hopefully it will be the beginning of a Conservative Fiction genre that will be followed by other well written stories that stress the importance of Conservative fundamentals.

    We’re always told to fight them for control of the culture. Let’s make this a major strike to take that high ground and force them back to their last ditch.

  3. congratulations on putting pen to paper. quite an accomplishment and look forward to reading your first book.

  4. Congrats Dr Tar, wishing you much success!

    “new government agency, the National Health Service”..what could go wrong?


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