Drive-in Movie Manager Guns Down Robber Who Struck Her


In this latest installment of “Good Guy with a gun,” or as is happening more often, “Good Gal with a gun,” a woman defended her life, against an assailant robbing her place of work.

“There may have been some type of physical altercation where he actually struck her, possibly with the bat or with his fist,” Gonzales said, “At this point she discharges her weapon, she did retrieve a weapon that she had on her person and fired, and striking the male, and the male has been confirmed deceased here at the scene.”

These stories only remain on the local news, and do not hit the national news, because it would show that guns are used for good…

Obviously Democrats and their idiotic gun control measures, would have preferred these women to be hospitalized, and the theater owner robbed.


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  1. If you want to see something interesting, go to Google and search “hitler and national gun registration”. The go to DuckDuckgo and do the same thing.
    It’s like a version of The Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.
    They will spoon feed you what they deem fit.

  2. BFH, why do you have to use the phrase, “guns down”? It’s a horrible phrase that revels in violence. Why wouldn’t you use a more friendly phrase such as, “perforated with projectiles”, or, “blasted into pieces”?

    I just don’t get it.

  3. Mansfield Lovell
    I keep laying this scenario out to people that are not necessarily Libtards but have no idea of the battle at hand.
    “You are in close quarters. School room, office space, warehouse, etc. Somebody pulls a gun and starts executing people you know. How do you save lives? Dial 911. Oops, another couple dead people. What do you do?”
    Ah, who am I kidding. They don’t get it. Then I send them this.

  4. Yeah drive ins still exist. Surprised me too, but passed one this afternoon driving through central Ohio, somewhere near Circleville. At least it appeared to still be in business, that is not overgrown with weeds.

  5. I read to the bottom and feel I must disagree with the writer about the mental illness angle. Many thieves treat their work as a career choice. They have been shown that a weak criminal justice system is no real deterrent and then work to be good at what they do. Without getting into the whole nature nurture deal I do not know the reasoning they use for the decisions they make, but I know it is a mistake to assume they think like me or anybody else.


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