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Drop the Salad Fork, Vegan!

If a person cares about the planet then one should stay away from those leafy green salads, particularly if it’s loaded up with iceberg lettuce.

salad lizard.jpg


Besides the obvious drawback of not being meat, lettuce salads are basically just another means of delivering water to the consumer.

There are more affordable ways to get your water.


Maybe Moose will finally take her hooves off school lunches.



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  1. The reason it’s funny is the same reason Haspel used it. It’s a Tom Robbins quip. Like him or disdain him, he has come out with some good zingers over the years. Haspel should be smacked on the wrist.

  2. I like lettuce. I find lettuce very tasty when accompanied by freshly made bleu cheese dressing, garlic butter croutons, paper-thin slices of red onion, and bacon bits.

    Such a salad nicely tops off the 16 ounce seared rib-eye, baked Idaho, and steamed asparagus main course. All buttered, of course. (I like my salad after the main course. YMMV.)

    Ahh. Now – what to have for dessert?

  3. Let us hear it for lettuce!

    I can hear the screams of the poor lettuces when those evil vegans rip their leaves from their vulnerable bodies, killing them, by a slow painful death of dismemberment sans anesthetic.

    Oh! The humanity!

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