Drug-Fueled TDS?

My guess is, Pelosi has it.

Diogenes’ Middle Finger:
I know what creative intensity and anxiety look like, I work in the music industry. I often wonder how much of the intensity and anxiety we see in TV news people can be understood as symptomatic of drug use. On the rare occasion I do watch TV news, I study the faces, some of which have an insane and weird expressions.

Mike Cernovich✔@Cernovich

Yes adderall is passed around D.C. like candy, and many of your favorite journalists also do meth. https://t.co/ruZsT2Pbua 6656:29 PM – Apr 4, 2019

I have no idea whether this is wide spread or even true, but I have long stopped believing anything on the surface I hear from any commentator on TV.  And I see a lot of disturbing things I do recognize.  read more

22 Comments on Drug-Fueled TDS?

  1. more likely her stuttering is because her Aricept dosage isn’t high enough.
    That or she is trying to keep her demon voice surpressed

  2. Burned out old hippee whore bitch.

    Has no class, no morals/ethics, or decent family values.

    Yet Jesus died for her sins as well as mine so I have just a shred of compassion:

    Come into the light, Nancy Pelosi…

  3. The thing about Sunday morning talk shows is that there is a certain, large, population in this country like my family that are in church and never see them. And who is going to DVR a Sunday morning talk show unless you are in the biz?

    So if they know that all “the Christians” are absent during this time, how does that change their talking points?

  4. On a side note, if Schiff doesn’t run this whistleblower scam, is anybody talking about Biden and Ukraine right now? Sure it might have come out later if he got the nomination, but Schiff’s scheme to nail Trump really hit the wrong target. LOL

  5. On top of being addled by her drug cocktails it looks like her denture grip has had a catastrophic failure.

    The old bat just doesn’t know when to quit.

  6. I turned them “off” years ago when I realized
    they were so deeply filled with poison and hate
    that they did not live in the same world I do.

  7. Gin Blossom,
    They never just “quit”. Remember Teddy K and Johnny McCain dragged it out for all the sympathy they could get? Hell, we even had to suffer a week long legacy whitewash for the maverick of the Senate. Spit.
    Pelosi would rather die on the house floor than step down.

  8. Every database in DC is vulnerable to hacks and leaks, except for the records at Grubbs Pharmacy. The Uniparty has that place locked down tight.

  9. She needs 0webama’s Sign Language Dude from the Mandela Funeral.

    Or perhaps Semaphore …Now that would be funny.

  10. Directly adjacent to nan’s picture was an ad for “What does Alzheimers look like?
    Take a brain tour.”
    Only with a bone saw!


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