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Dude Who Thinks He’s a Woman Murders His Father

The Daily Mail calls the dude “her,” and “a woman.”

He’s not a woman.

DM– A transgender woman accused of killing her father allegedly told police she struck him in a head with a hammer before stabbing him and her sister.

Nikki Secondino, 22, was arrested and charged for the murder of her father, Carlo, 61, and attempted murder of her 19-year-old sister, Liana, who is in critical condition. 

Sources told the New York Post Secondindo confessed to the stabbings at her family’s Brooklyn home and said she would have also killed the neighbor who called 911.

‘My father was sitting on the couch,’ she allegedly told police. ‘I hit him on the head with a hammer. Then I reached for my favorite German knife and stabbed the s*** out of him.’

‘My sister came out and tried to stop me, and I stabbed her in the back, head and stomach,’ Nikki allegedly added. ‘I wanted them dead.’ 

The supposed confession comes as an interview from 2020 surfaced, where Secondino spoke about coming out as a trans woman to her divorced parents and described her father as ‘very Italian’ and ‘very religious.’ 

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  1. He should have waited until Jan 1 and come to Illinois before killing, he’d be a free man right now. While waiting for his trial, he’d be free to drive around drunk and set shit on fire and trespass wherever he sees fit, even rob places and kidnap anyone, all while remaining a free man.

    IL is gonna be lit in 2023, wilder than the wild west, with double leniency for blacks and transvestites, triple leniency for black transvestites.

  2. ecp DECEMBER 30, 2022 AT 7:46 PM

    May I recommend never going out without being armed. And it doesn’t hurt to do so while at home. Daughter just called to say one of her associates (lives western suburbs) is now in ICU from a robbery of her home.

  3. Anymouse, I agree, but it gets tricky if I need to shoot a black dude, I’d probably be better off in this state to just take the beating from the black dude, probably have better odds. That goes for in the home as well. But I do have a trail of strategically placed weapons to choose from that leads from 2nd floor bedroom to the basement in case a crackhead cracker comes in, they can be shot without much fuss.

  4. Dad should have strangled the faggot when he first found out it was a faggot.

    Why would you allow a psycho-killer into your home?
    Even if it once was a family member?

    Do they no longer recognize freaks in Brooklyn?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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