Dumb, Dumb, Dumb – Lawyer loses it all over a high school girl

Attorney Pleads Guilty to Enticement and Coercion to Engage in Prostitution 

NEWS RELEASE SUMMARY – October 29, 2019

Justice.gov – Local attorney William David Turley pleaded guilty in federal court today to enticing and coercing a female to engage in prostitution.

According to his plea agreement, on or about April 30, 2018, Turley began communicating with an adult female victim whom he met on the website sugardaddymeet.com. Turley and the victim discussed entering into a “mutually beneficial relationship,” meaning that Turley would provide the victim with financial support and the victim would provide companionship for and engage in sexual acts with Turley.

On or about May 3, 2018, Turley persuaded, induced, and enticed the victim to take a flight from a city in California to Las Vegas, Nevada to meet with him. Turley paid for the victim’s flight and other travel expenses. At the time the victim boarded the flight in California, she understood that she was traveling to Las Vegas to engage in sexual acts with Turley in exchange for monetary compensation. In Las Vegas, Turley provided the victim with between $1,500 and $1,800 in cash, and Turley and the victim engaged in sexual intercourse.

The plea agreement also states that on or about May 12, 2018, Turley began communicating with the minor female victim via sugardaddymeet.com. In conversations with the minor victim, they discussed that she was 18 years old. But he was aware that she was a high school student, that she could not meet on weekends because she was grounded, and that her parents had taken her cellphone away due to poor performance in school.

On or about May 15, 2018, the minor victim walked from her high school across the street to a library where Turley was waiting. Turley took the minor victim to a Boba tea shop nearby.

On or about May 16, 2018, Turley met the minor victim at the library after school and drove her to a store where Turley purchased the minor victim a cellphone. Turley then drove the minor victim a short distance, parked the car, and engaged in a sex act with the minor. The victim told Turley she wanted to stop and needed to get home. Turley gave the minor victim $300.

U.S. Attorney Robert Brewer praised the FBI, members of the San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force and prosecutors Jaclyn Stahl and Fred Sheppard for their important work. “We will do everything we can to protect victims of sex crimes and seek justice on their behalf,” Brewer said. “We are especially committed to keeping children out of harm’s way. Prosecuting sex trafficking cases is a top priority.”

“Human trafficking and sex crimes involving our children cannot be tolerated,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Scott Brunner. “The FBI will continue to work tirelessly to reveal these horrible crimes and bring safety and closure for the victims and our communities.”

Turley is scheduled to be sentenced before U.S. District Judge Anthony J. Battaglia on March 2, 2020 at 9 a.m.

DEFENDANT                                               Case No. 18-CR-4574-AJB

William David Turley                                     Age: 61                       San Diego, CA


Enticing and Coercing a Female to Engage in Prostitution, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2422(a).

Maximum Penalty: Twenty years in prison, $250,000 fine.


Federal Bureau of Investigation

San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force

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19 Comments on Dumb, Dumb, Dumb – Lawyer loses it all over a high school girl

  1. Wait?

    An “adult female”. An “18 year” old. A “minor”.

    All the same person? 3 people? 2 people, but one’s an 18 year old minor? Just more FBI “Look! We’re doing something! Besides framing civilians!”?

  2. I believe in a rules based society, preferably rules generally agreed on, and not very strict. Wide fences so to speak. This said, the rules must apply to all equally. Why is this guy smoked? He broke the rules and has enough money to pay. Bill Clinton? Enough money and power he doesn’t have to pay, so he’s left alone. The bum on the street? No money to pay, so leave him be. Just the man in the middle, just that dirtbag can pay. And yes, he, and the girl, are dirtbags in my rules based society.

  3. This is a case for the FBI? They must have everything else under control if this is what a Special Agent is working on. I know I’ll be sleeping well tonight.

  4. if it’s an ‘adult female’ then it’s not a ‘victim’

    ‘my body – my choice’ … the illogicalness of it all

  5. 🎶 The minute you walked in the joint,
    I could see you were a man of distinction,
    A real big spender,
    Good looking, so refined.
    Say, wouldn’t you like to know
    What’s going on in my mind?
    So, let me get right to the point,
    I don’t pop my cork for every guy I see.
    Hey big spender, won’t you buy me Boba tea 🎶

    Now who wouldn’t fall for a guy that meets at a Boba tea cafe?

  6. She’s old enough to get an abortion without informing her parents. She’s old enough to undergo gender reassignment surgery and puberty blockers and to have her bits mutilated, most likely without her parents’ consent. But she can’t decide who she can screw? For money? Great system we’ve set up here.

  7. @Racer X November 1, 2019 at 8:35 am

    > But she can’t decide who she can screw?

    You missed the claw behind the curtain. Feminists have decided who s/he can screw? And on what terms.

  8. Do they still prosecute idiots for knowingly having sex with underaged jail bait? Or is that passe like every other law on the books regarding sex with underage girls. Bizarro, don’t call home, no need to, we’re already there!

  9. “Human trafficking and sex crimes involving our children cannot be tolerated,”

    Except there was no trafficking and there were no children involved. Onward with the Gynocracy!


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