Durbin Offers Concession to Pro-Life Democrats

Apparently fearing that the recent comments from party chair Tom Perez might alienate the 28% of democrats who are pro-life, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) offered them a compromise.

If pro-life Democrats support the abortion platform publicly and keep their baby-saving opinions to themselves, they can still stay in the party.


Message to Pro-Life Democrats; You don’t have to vote Republican, but if you keep voting Democrat they’ll never hear your objection.

12 Comments on Durbin Offers Concession to Pro-Life Democrats

  1. Democrat demands for ideological purity regarding the killing of millions of unborn is a litmus test of pure evil.

    By their view, 28% of democrats are Pro-Life.
    What are the priorities of these individuals now that the Democrats demand ideological purity? Decide for yourselves, your life and the life of millions of US Born babies depend on it.
    Let’s simplify it for you: Good versus Evil. Your choice.

  2. 28%? How could any pro-life person be a democrat? Either the number is bullshit or 28% of the dems are lying.

  3. Every day, in every way the Democrat Party becomes more Nazi Party in nature. Soon it will be informants telling Gruppenfuhrer Perez that Joe Smith is actually pro-life and Joe Smith publically drummed out of the party and other Democrats forbidden to have any contact with them. JFK is spinning in his grave and the Dems better hope he doesn’t drop down for a visit.

  4. No more “big tent” for the Democrats. Totalitarian parties always reach the state where ideological purity is required and dissent is not tolerated; the Democrats are pretty much there now.

  5. @Davy April 24, 2017 at 12:52 pm

    > Either the number is bullshit or 28% of the dems are lying.

    Common core math.

  6. Funny, that political orientation test we took earlier made no mention of abortion aka “reproductive rights”.

  7. They expect you to believe that only 28% of their party is looming enough to believe in life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 72% are sane enough to not believe that propaganda.


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