Early Voting in Florida is All Smiles For Trump – IOTW Report

Early Voting in Florida is All Smiles For Trump

Indications from early voting in Florida is that Trump is going to carry the battle ground state by 9-10 points.  Conservative Treehouse provides some pretty adept analysis of why the Sunshine State is breaking so heavily for the republican outsider.


We’ll see how long the MSM can ignore these indicators and keep referring to their own bias polling.

9 Comments on Early Voting in Florida is All Smiles For Trump

  1. Megyn Kelly is bleeding again call the corpseman.

  2. Megan K may be breaking a few fake fingernails by now, chewing them off into the quick, and her fake lashes will be glued to her forehead after this, awaiting a call from her LORD AND MASTER Rupert Murdoch to splain why….

  3. MSM has clearly gone full retard on this race. Usually they call only a 1 to 2 point lead for any candidate. This time their neck is out there with 5 to 13 point lead for Hillary. Can’t wait till their necks get slit.

  4. The Florida county I’m in (Volusia) usually leans Dem but Trump signs and stickers are everywhere. Hillary still has the Prius bumpers covered, but it looks possible the county could go Trump.

  5. Its not over until the fat lady drives up the truck full of mail in ballots last minute.

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