Earth to Jeff Sessions…

American Thinker: It is staggering to witness the Justice Department go off the rails and barrel toward a showdown with our president over innuendo and manufactured misdeeds.  From the beginning of the special counsel appointment and despite Jeff Sessions’s recusal, I felt confident that Trump and Sessions had a behind-the-scenes plan to navigate this quagmire.  Ridiculous was the notion that Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, was not fully in his camp in light of the glaring double standards of justice demonstrated at every point from before the election to present day.  I expected the A.G. to pursue other completely legitimate avenues that might create leverage and pressure on Rosenstein and by proxy, the special counsel, to gracefully withdraw their aggression against the president.  And yet we sit here dumbfounded as the witch hunt lingers on.  Earth to Jeff Sessions?   more

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  1. Now that the Special Investigator is no longer investigating Russian Collusion, Mr. Sessions can un-recuse himself and do his effing job!

  2. Jeff Sessions: “Hey there, earth. Can’t come to the phone right now. I’m addicted to moble games and it takes up too much of my time for much else. Later!”


  3. I will continue to give Sessions the benefit of doubt until the IG report comes out. Rosenstein got 99 senate votes at his confirmation. Sessions was attacked at his confirmation hearing.

    That tells me he is feared by the swamp.

    Why tip your cards? What purpose would it serve? Everyday the cabal get exposed to more people. The corrupt top FBI leadership has been purged. I expect to see Rosenstein at DOJ fired soon. The public is starting to see that the SC investigation is a fraud. The groundwork is being prepared.

  4. At the onset I was convinced that Sessions was merely trying to run the DoJ in such a way as to reset blind justice. My hopes were further buoyed by Wray who said he would follow any case “where the facts took (him).” To this day I am wondering if those who are responsible for providing “the facts” are all obama holdovers (or, otherwise, Leftists) who are determined to not let the facts come to light in such a way as to make them actionable by either Sessions or Wray. And this is the failure of both men: displaying a gross passivity toward the wrongs committed against the American people by a corrupt U.S. government and its unelected Administrative State apparatus.

    Sundance (CTH) frequently writes about certain actors in the DoJ and FBI who were caught attempting to overthrow an election — vis Strok, Page, Ohr, et al — and yet rather than fire them for it they were moved to other jobs or demoted. This, in my opinion, is throwing away the strength of the People and instead acting in appeasement. “Oh, please give us names and dates and we will give you cover.” No! It should have been, “Give us everything you know and it *may* count toward something in your sentencing hearing.”

    Surely Sessions and Wray are both well aware of the recitation of facts and commentary on gov’t criminals and crimes, coming from all quarters outside their bubble who are invested in justice — from Lou Dobbs, Hannity, Ingraham, and all their guests’ commentary. There have been at least half a dozen books written since the primaries and inauguration that focus exclusively on the individuals and their scandals, and yet the two of them behave like monks — gazing at their navels in their monasteries; of doubtful utility to anyone who is expecting blind justice.

  5. M for the M, and AA: I agree with your thoughts. I’m hoping that Wray and Sessions are waiting for the IG’s Reports. I believe that the delays are attributable to the discovery of a wider and deeper conspiracy that will expose and incriminate the upper levels of this seditious band of brigands. Then, President Donald J. Trump should fire Rosenstein.

  6. The sessions recusal is not a favor to Trump, it is a favor to sessions’ fellow Swamp dwellers. It always has been. Recused, he doesn’t have to move against the obama mafia, and he gets to hold the leash on Trump.

    The swamp aristocracy will not allow the American peasants to control and disrupt the plush lives they have finagled for themselves.

  7. Scr*w American Stinker and all the other ankle-biting whiners on the Right who “just can’t wait” and *need* to pee their helplessness and frustration all over the public.

    Doing it right – for the HIGH CRIMES involved – takes time.

    O/T – President Trump just set off one helluva tweet about today:

  8. @Marco — A part of me holds out hope that what you say is exactly right. However, I just read yesterday that the IG report has once again been delayed to May 18th. It was supposed to come out in March, then sometime in April, then next week, and now another delay.

    It’s really all about trust in the people upon whom we must rely. Our agents in government are not inspiring trust and confidence. Sessions’ limp, infrequent press conferences are a looped recitation of the number of MS-13 apprehended (very few at an enormous unit cost!). And all I can recall of Chris Wray are his confirmation hearings and that ridiculous hair-do. He’s the head of this nation’s law enforcement under the president! If he’s given any pressers, they weren’t memorable. I know more about the operations and successes of HUD, Homeland Security and even the Department of Agriculture. Given the concerns of conservatives over the abuses of gov’t power and our Justice Department, one would think there would be greater response from these two men to that, and to at least try to instill greater trust and confidence in what they are doing.

  9. AA: I completely agree with your frustration. I can remember posting on this site in March that the I G’s report was coming out soon, and that the whole rotten bunch were about to be exposed. The only explanation for the delay has to be the depth and breath of the corruption and how high it reaches into the Osmidigen Administration and the Clinton Enrichment Foundation. The I G has hundreds of attorneys and forensic accountants working on these cases. A Utah Federal Attorney is moving forward with a criminal investigation. Scores of FBI and DOJ officials have resigned and been fired. Some of them have undoubtedly been ratting out their co-conspirators. This is the biggest act of treason and sedition in the history of this country. I don’t want anyone to escape from their well deserved sentences. This all takes time and patience. It’s going to be the Great Unraveling of the Fundamental Transformers. I can wait a few more months to see it done correctly.

  10. I like sessions but could you imagine Holder doing anything out of line with Obama’s agenda? I want Sessions to be the Holder of conservatives.

  11. Czar of Defenestration, I can’t find that tweet on his timeline. Do you think it’s fake?

  12. TO Claudia
    Probably fake. Zonga said it is on another thread…but it’s SO CLOSE to his style, it’s *delicious* anyway!

  13. Sessions is just another GOPe double dealing cocksucker, plain and simple. He’s probably getting his orders from Romney, Gayraham, and McLame… all of whom probably do exactly what Obama tells them to do.

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