Egyptian Muslims Tear Up the Qur’an


A YouTube post of a young Egyptian man doing the unthinkable on camera: tearing up the Qur’an and putting it in the trash.

This is the summary translation of what he said:”There it is, Allah’s book, this is the basic catastrophe. I don’t know what day it is of this disgusting month of Ramadan! And I don’t want to know! You are making the tearing of the Qur’an such a big and dangerous thing.. it is instinctive to tear this book, those sons of b—– think they can threaten me and challenge me to tear the Qur’an, but I want to prove to them that they are nothing.  read more

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  1. I thought he was pouring lighter fluid on the papers at the end and was going to light them (doesn’t look like the papers could flush to me) and then it dawned on me what he was doing. Doh! My only excuse is, I’m not a guy. 😉 Good for him. I wish it had had subtitles.

  2. Radical Muslim Murderers Get Entertaining!

    It’s rare that the scourge of Planet Earth ever engages in public displays of humor but occasionally, if accidentally, radical Muslim fruitcakes do sometimes practice policies that can best be classified as farcical rather than in their more customary acts of domestic and international terrorism.
    Westerners are much more familiar with Islamic lunatics bombing and wreaking havoc on their own defenseless people as well as innocents in other nations they regard as Great or Lesser Satans and miscellaneous enemies they have warred against for centuries than in entertaining anyone.

    Muslims typically just kill their foes in a variety of horrendous ways such as when they brutally behead American and British journalists.

    They also drag women like 25 year old Coptic Christian Mary Sameh George from her car in Cairo for the crime of hanging a cross from her rearview mirror and further punished her by beating her, slitting her throat, and stabbing her to death while she was trying to deliver medicine to a sick, elderly woman.

    However, none of that is meant to suggest Allah is not a just god, nor a god devoid of a decent sense of humor.

    According to the People’, one of Islam’s most recent exhibitions of such jocularity followed up last year’s International Woman’s Day story concerning Indonesia’s prohibitions on female flatulence in Indonesia. Local Indonesian female flatulence expert, Fartima Passagasiya, discussed how that government prohibition has benefited women and minorities over the course of the last year.

    And, who can deny that’s funny?

    As noted by Ms. Fartima, . . . (Read more at

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