El Paso Sees Rise In Measles Cases For The First Time in 25 Years

Sara Carter:

An El Paso pediatrician received multiple calls this week from concerned parents as the city continues to see an increase in measles cases, according to a KFOX14 report. The concerns are valid. The El Paso Health Department confirmed the city’s fourth case in less than two weeks Wednesday affecting a male toddler. Before the recent outbreak, according to the city’s Health Department, it’s been 25 years since the last case of measles in El Paso.

The three other reported cases involve two other male toddlers and an adult woman.  The toddlers were confirmed unvaccinated, but the woman’s record is unknown, according to KFOX14. Further, officials said the infected group is not related. more here

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  1. When uncontrolled borders with a third world country meet the left-wing anti-vax crowd. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Paging Dr. Obvious! Measles outbreak in Betoland! Don’t round up the usual suspects! Don’t cage the carriers! Fly them all over America to prove how caring the open borders Progressives are about illegal aliens. What’s next? Ebola? Already happened. Tuberculosis? Already happened.

  3. Yep, my daughter the nurse roomed one of her pediatric patients to find out later that they had TB. Thank God it wasn’t a virulent strain and responded to treatment.

    Chicago suburbs…

  4. Out in the West Texas town of El Paso

    I caught the Measles from a Mexican girl

    Nighttime would find me in the Medical center

    AOC would cry and People would Hurl

  5. Redder than flame were the sores on Felina

    crusted pustules oozed all over the whore

    syphilis and crabs and good ol’ gonorrhea

    resistant strains she had and much more.

    One night a stupid young leftist came in…

  6. I hear that there are Congolese pouring into
    South America to get on the US gravy train
    and are being bussed to NYC and Portland
    I understand that Ebola can be transmitted
    sexually long after the 21 day incubation period.
    Won’t it be a hoot when that hell breaks loose?

  7. San Diego had a hep A outbreak a while back; now this.
    You don’t suppose this shit comes over the border, do you?


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