Elbert Guillory on White Privilege

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  1. LOVE this guy. but i WILL NOT EVER accept any “yoke of slavery” just because i’m white. i WILL NOT apologize, or feel ANY sense of guilt, or obligation to ANYONE because i’m white…no matter what their race or family history is…period

  2. Now, as usual, you have to tell the radical knuckleheads in your own race or group to get a damn grip, and start being a part of this country in a positive way.

    NOT YOU MUSLIMS! You passively stand by while radicals clear the way for you all.

  3. Although my mom’s ancestors were Polish royality, my ancestors on my father’s side were possibly slaves of the Roman empire. So there.

  4. Blacks have been deluded into thinking that every white person has a plantation somewhere and “they have 20 or 30 head of ni&&ers working the fields”. I’m sick of the lies. The average white person in the South during the 1860’s was dirt poor and barely scraping out a living. The real privilege today is the welfare system that allows much of the black community to live pretty well off the work of those who would rather work than live off the fruits of others labor. I hope LBJ is burning in hell for what he has done to black people and to the white people who are working their asses off to support the welfare system.

  5. American Privilege.

    If you repeat it often enough,
    it will keep the Leftists away from you.
    Works like garlic and the Cross.
    (Stake through the heart not included)

  6. I find it ironic that the original American slave race, the irish, were enlisted in large numbers right off the boats to fight to free the black slaves who in all reality took their jobs.

    the slave owners also bread the irish women with the male blacks to increase black intelligence and strengthen the irish ability to work in the hot climate.

    black slaves were also worth more than the irish due to their stamina in the climate.

  7. “Only a few over 5,000 views so far–”

    Seriously? It was at 5000+ @ 9am Eastern?

    It’s at 987 as I write this. (@ 10: 33 am Eastern) WTF is going on? Is Youtube f**king with it?

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