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Electric Garbage Trucks as Bad an Idea as It Sounds

In a move that absolutely nobody could have seen coming, New York City is scrapping its brilliant idea for electric garbage trucks after finding out the truck simply “aren’t powerful enough to plow snow”.

The city’s current trucks run on diesel and can be fitted with plows in the winter. 

The pipe dream of converting the city’s 6,000 garbage trucks from gas to electric in order to try and limit carbon emissions (because there’s no other problems that need to be dealt with in New York City right now) is “clashing with the limits of electric-powered vehicles,” Gothamist wrote this week. Forward

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  1. “We found that they could not plow the snow effectively – they basically conked out after four hours.”
    Bullshit. I’d bet money they didn’t last more than two.

  2. Radioman seen this a loooong time ago…..
    93K$ Ford Lightning goes about 100 miles with
    a light duty trailer. Hummer won’t restart unless
    you disconnect the 12 volt battery that runs the
    massive computer on the dash then reboot the computer.
    Takes about 10 minutes while irrate drivers flip you off !!! BATTERIES=BULLSHIT.

  3. I think electric garbage truck for all the demoncrat run cities is a great idea. Electric snow plows is even better!! And supercharge them with solar waste treatment plants. They can attach solar panels to recharge them and hang wind driven trickle charge generators on the windows to keep them going. I’m sure these places will become a thing of beauty. 🙂

  4. I hear USPS is going to start trying out some battery powered green mobiles soon. Should be a real hoot lol. We should lay down bets on how many will go up in flames in the first year…


  5. With electric vehicles, postal workers will be getting more overtime as they sit in their dead delivery trucks waiting for someone to finish the route for them. Which will require hiring more union workers, who will send more money to the Dems. The trucks will probably catch on fire, burning our mail. Including our mail in ballots.

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