Electric Jaguar I-Pace Catches Fire While Charging, Reduced to Ashes in Middle of Road – IOTW Report

Electric Jaguar I-Pace Catches Fire While Charging, Reduced to Ashes in Middle of Road

Western Journal

An electric Jaguar I-Pace car spontaneously caught fire and burned down to ashes in June.

The Florida-based vehicle owner told Elecktrek that he had left his car plugged into the charger on June 16 before he went to sleep.

The following day, Gonzalo Salazar returned to take the vehicle on a few errands — driving for around 12 miles — before he returned home and put the vehicle back in the garage. more here

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  1. OMG.

    “He then headed back inside to grab his phone and call Jaguar roadside assistance to take the vehicle to safety.”


    …and not, IDN, maybe THE FIRE DEPARTMENT??!?

    Good job delaying the response, Sport.

    Real genius.

  2. …just a refresher on the complexities of fighting electric vehicle fires…


    …yeaaaah, I’m sure “Tony” from Customer Service can talk you through that in his heavy Indian accent.

    …good on guy for getting the car out tho.

    Sort of.

    Plus side, it SUCKS to fight car fires INSIDE garages. No room, no visibility, ventilation issues, structural involvement, and lots of life hazard. Also, lots of things blow up during car fires including things you don’t think of like hood cylinders, bumper cylinders, basically anything with a hydraulic resivour of any kind, and that’s a whole lot nicer in an unconfined space.

    Minus side, if idiot passes out in the process, now you have to deal with that, plus if he passes out in motion you don’t want to be in the car in the road behind him or in the house across the street, just sayin’…

  3. As a 16 year old, I once was given the opportunity to drive a neighbor’s Jaguar XKE. Fun.
    Wouldn’t drive an electric anything.

  4. I believe it’s time to look into EV manufacturers’ actuarial reports/records to expose their decision-making process.

    I remember the case against Ford over the defects in the design of the gas filler spout and tank in their very popular Ford Pinto. Someone got wind of Ford’s acknowledgement that this was a potentially fatal design flaw, but Ford determined through a cost/benefit analysis that it was better for the company to settle individual lawsuits than to pull the car out of assembly.

  5. Question for all the mouthbreathers at the EPA:

    One toxic unquenchable lithium inferno = how many cows farting?

  6. @Co1. Angus — To-date, Ford has settled with families of Explorer roll overs for over $1 billion. I was shocked. Why have we never heard anything about Explorer’s infamous high center of gravity? I imagine it’s because Ford won’t go to court to litigate it.

  7. Let’s put an EV in a Coast-To-Coast race up against a 1920 Model T and my money’s on the T!
    If they can even find a charging station that isn’t backed up or broke the EV will still lose! Technology that is over 100 years old is still superior to electric cars!

  8. AA-Ford was somehow able to make Firestone look like the bad guys back then. Firestone was equipment tire on most Fords in the 90’s, so most of the rollovers involved them. I think Firestone took one for the teaam, (there was even some inter marrying between Ford and Firestone family in early 20th century.) I couldn’t understand how, if the rollover was a result of tire failure and Explorer’s high center of gravity, a similar outcome wouldn’t result from any brand tire blowing out.

  9. …here’s more…


    “My insurance company sent a forensic specialist, did their investigation, and declared the car a total loss,” he said.

    …ya THINK!?!

    “Jaguar on the other hand is not being helpful at all, stating they need to complete their own investigation, but because of the risk of igniting the fire once again, they are unable to find a place where they can lift the car up, therefore their “investigation” is on hold, and they are not taking any responsibility for what happened.”

    DAYS after the fire, the PEOPLE WHO MADE THE THING say it can STILL burst into flame.

    …but sure, we need MORE of these tucked into garages all over the world, with sleeping people, and in multi-family dwellings and everything, uh-huh, good idea, that…

  10. I thought Paulies mugshot looked fairly normal. Didn’t know how bad it was until I saw the pic. Thanks @SNS

  11. Spontaneous combustion? Just be sure to line the garage with asbestos panels…

    Key concept for internal combustion engines is that the combustion stays internal. Chemical bombs oddly don’t do that…

  12. I don’t want to say anything bad about electric cars, but I understand the visor mirror has a warning that reads “warning – objects are dumber than they look”.

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