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Electric Vehicles A Disaster in an Emergency

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report from Transportation Research published in ScienceDirect headlined “Can we evacuate from hurricanes with electric vehicles?” found that Florida—which often bears the force of hurricanes—may not have enough power to cope during an evacuation. More

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  1. EV’s,except for fork lifts, are a disaster and a lie. No EV can replace a gas or diesel powered vehicle. Maybe in 30 years, but not now. The only purpose they serve is to cripple the transportation system to keep people from getting to work, and cargo from getting to businesses, and destroy the fossil fuel industry. PS the fuel does not come from fossils, and is not finite.

  2. We evacuated for Irma. We spent the first night in Birmingham, AL. The next morning we drove up to the Huntsville area.

    From our house to Birmingham is 753 miles. At this moment it would take 11 hours and 11 minutes to get there. Evacuating, it took us just over 18 hours. We were lucky to find a room that close. Yes, close with Irma, was 18 hours away.

    Electric capacity is a problem, sure. The bigger problem is where is the infrastructure to charge 4 million vehicles? Now, factor in the length of time it takes to charge one, the fact that you may be moving at 15 mph for hours at a time and it’s hot, the AC is running, you are charging your phone, maybe it’s raining and the wipers are on, etc. I could go on and on with this but I’ll spare us all.

    These tinderboxes look good when you’re sitting behind a desk in the D.C. swamp. For those of us that must think practically, they’re beyond a joke.

  3. ‘“What happens when people … run out of battery on the side of the road [during an emergency evacuation]?” an NCSL conference attendee asked.’


    The question you SHOULD be asking is,

    “What happens when people … run out of battery IN THE MIDDLE of the road [during an emergency evacuation]?

    …now you’ve blocked ALL the traffic.


  4. What’s the problem? Haven’t you been paying attention? Our civilization is coming to an end soon enough. Why worry so much? I a;most feel sorry for any survivors.

  5. Strategies like improving battery technology. You mean they haven’t been trying? We needed an egghead to come up with a gem like this?

  6. Read about the evacuation of Houston during Hurricane Ike and try to imagine what it would have been like with EV’s. I hate the SOB’s trying to push this crap down our throats.

  7. Neither can drivers escape from violent crime fast enough. Imagine being chased by society’s known violent meth-head lowlifes, reprobates, and Joe Biden’s illegal alien terrorists while driving a comical wind-up car which stalls the very moment some vermin brings down a hammer through the window on a dark empty street.


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