Elevated copper or lead levels found at 19 Detroit schools

Detroit fishing hole

DETROIT (AP) — Detroit Public Schools officials say elevated lead or copper levels have been found in 19 schools amid ongoing testing.

The district began collecting water samples two weeks ago. District spokeswoman Michelle Zdrodowski said at the time that a number of factors, including the lead-tainted water crisis in nearby Flint, led to “proactive and precautionary” testing.

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  1. Nothing says ” permanent Democrat voter” like “lead poisoning “. The “voter” does not die but with brain damage they will never change parties. And it gets better, because of the brain damage they won’t figure out its by design.

  2. Another nail in the coffin that is Detroitlet:
    white flight
    business flight
    Gubberment entitlement
    and now — lead and copper

  3. The whole city is swimming in lead, yet we just got slapped with a new garbage service that will not accept plastic! WHAT? No plastic bottles, plastic grocery bags, or plastic garbage bags will be accepted. If any of these items are found, the collector will not pickup the trash. This includes plastic bags to pick up dog shit. Now our pickup can smells worse than a dump truck with maggots crawling all over the inside of it. Nothing like hosing out a 45 gallon can spilling food and fecal matter all over the driveway once a week, while going through picking out garbage that sticks to it all. I’d almost rather trade clean water for leaded water if we could have a decent garbage service again.

  4. Interesting how an entire article can be written without saying anything.
    ‘Elevated’? You mean above zero? Obviously not higher than the allowed levels, they would have said that.
    Flint is getting a big reward for polluting their own water, Chicago doesn’t want to be left out.

  5. The US put men into space with the scientists/engineers smoking cigarettes; lead in the gasoline and lead in the paint. And they did it with slide rules.

    Now that all of that is gone, the only technology we care about is how fast our cell phones run.


    Some folks are traditionally
    accustomed to living in sewage.

  7. The veracity of the report aside, I strongly recommend that the water source of universities be tested. It’s the only rational explanation for the half-baked lunacy coming out of those places.

  8. Little known fact:

    Lead didn’t exist until the Evil Conservatives created it in a lab on the Island of Patmos and fed it to the Winged Negroes of Egypt who built the Pyramids. The lead (plumbum) turned the Winged Negroes of Egypt into un-Winged fuckin Retards, as the Evil Conservative Diabolical Doctors stole their (the Winged Negroes) knowledge!

    The Evil Conservatives were so successful with their appropriation of the vast knowledge of the Winged Negroes that they went on to create (?) all the discoveries of the Universe, which should, rightfully, belong to the Winged Negroes.

    This is why we need Affirmative Action and Socialism and Reparations – to redress the wrongs perpetrated by the Evil Conservatives against the Winged Negroes of Egypt, who have devolved into the un-Winged Negroes of Detroit and Flint.

    You could look it up.
    (CCNY, exaggerated by me)

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. The EPA regs for Lead and copper are .015 milligrams per liter and 1.3 milligrams per liter respectively. These levels are called “action levels.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a health hazard at that level. It means the utility has to make an adjustment, called a “treatment technique” which means adjusting pH, or adding anti-corrosive chemicals. If this was done in Flint, they wouldn’t have this disastrous problem.
    In the case of the Detroit schools, “elevated” is non-descriptive. The article doesn’t say anything specific.

  10. Hard to feel sorry for a populace that will do NOTHING to make life better for themselves. Males will have nothing to do with the lil chirrens they spawn, females drop out of school way too early and go on welfare for the rest of their lives, and they all depend on responsible people to provide for them. They’re all too stupid to realize voting for democrats only compounds their problems. Kinda wonder if the local politicians keep the water poisoned so the voters will keep on doing what they’ve always done.

  11. Along with lead and copper in the water, there needs to be some form of oral ingestable birth control put in the water as well. That would go a long way towards solving a lot of Detroitlet’s Gubberment welfare enablist spending.

  12. Lead poisoning is an irreversible ailment manifested exclusively on the political left. It is a condition in which the iron in the blood turns to lead in the ass.

  13. @LocoBlancoSaltine:

    Lot of high velocity lead poisoning in Chicago these days too.

    If only there were more cases of lead poisoning in govt and school admin offices…

  14. Cue the outraged cries of “this would never have happened in a white city!” in 3…2…1…

    Of course, the people who will be saying that never seem to notice how stuff like this only seems to happen in Democrat run cities.

  15. The first thing to do is – WAIT decades for a Repub governor and blame everything on him – even though the shit hole city went shit hole from decades of malfeasance and corruption by the Demos.

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