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Elites Rhymes with Cheats

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Earlier this year, pollster Scott Rasmussen asked voters a simple question: “Would you rather have your candidate win by cheating or lose by playing fair?”

The answers he got back were, as he put it in a Daily Signal podcast last week, “the most terrifying poll result I’ve ever seen.”

Among all Americans, just 7% said they would want their candidate to win by cheating. As Rasmussen put it, he’d rather see that number lower, but that’s not bad.

But more than a third of the elite 1% he surveyed would condone cheating. And among those who are “politically obsessed” – meaning that they talk about politics every day – that number shot up to 69%. More

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  1. You should run that poll with the IOTW readers.

    But it does beg the philosophical question; If the other side cheats and you cheat as well to counter their cheating, is it really cheating?

    Using this rubric, anything our side does to win in November is fine with me. Id they want to play by prison rules, so be it.


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