Elizabeth Warren: Let’s Put Men In Women’s Prisons


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., announced a bold new plan to reform the criminal justice system and strike a blow for gender equality: incarcerating male convicts in women’s prisons. Donald Trump’s campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again,” and it appears Elizabeth Warren’s campaign slogan is now “Make Women’s Prisons Co-Ed.”

During a campaign stop in Marshalltown, Iowa, Warren said America needs to stop putting transgender women into prisons with men.

“We have to stop putting trans women who are incarcerated into prisons with men where they are at risk. It it our responsibility,” Warren said.

Warren is advocating that biological men, who want to be or claim to women, should be placed in the same prisons as biological women. read more

12 Comments on Elizabeth Warren: Let’s Put Men In Women’s Prisons

  1. What a Prison Population explosion this would be. The prisons would need to build a whole Obstetrics / Delivery / Nursery section & the cells would need to be converted to 2 bedroom (or more) apartments to handle the instant families. The other solution would be mandatory sterilization of anyone wanting to identify as the opposite sex under Warren’s plan.


    The facts are in. It’s settled science!
    There are and will only ever be, 2 sexes- Male & Female.
    To suggest other wards would make you a science denier.

  3. Liz, it’s not called prison, it’s called lunatic asylum and you should look into reopening them to house your constituency.

  4. What could possibly go wrong. Our flagging birth rate would recover, the offspring of two morally defunct people would likely grow up to be model citizens after being educated and supported by the “system”. Just when you think the libs could not possibly get any crazier they show you that we don’t know how crazy they are. What are these people doing still running for POTUS. What kind of idiot supports these cretins?

  5. What could possibly go wrong with this idea? Aside from the possibility that about 100% of male prisoners will suddenly identify as transgender.

    Why are Democrat candidates trying to out-lunatic each other on issues virtually no one cares about? Even a hard core transgender activist is probably not thinking about making prisons coed. When Hillary was running for President, she would pander to some nutty leftist fringe group when they brought up something important to them, but the current crop of Democrat candidates are bound and determined to get out front of our politically insane class of voters and pander away without even being asked.

    Want to win an election? Support working class American citizens. Quit promising to give everything to illegal aliens. Quit promising to sexually integrate prisons. Quit catering to leftist fringe groups at the expense of working class Americans. Quit apologizing for being an American. Quit siding with terrorist groups and nations. Quit trying to destroy the American economy because of some claim of climate change, and quit pretending that a teenager with a history of mental problems is a climate change guru.

    What? That’s Donald Trump’s approach? Never mind, Democrats – carry on.

  6. Are there any stoopit/loony ideas left (!?)
    that have not spurted out of the mouths of democrat demagogues??

    It’s time for the tribe to abduct Liawatha,
    take her back to their range land,
    bury her up to her neck
    and let Nature take it’s course.

  7. Remember when it was GAY EVERYTHING, and when the Republicans rolled over and didn’t want to put up a defense, the Supreme Court gave them equal rights and THAT WAS THE END OF IT, right?

    Now look what your appeasement did? Now it’s TRANS EVERYTHING!

    Going to roll over on this one too? Get ready for “Ageism” for pedophiles. “Why do you hate love?”


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