Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) puts dems in bind with Resolution on Iran

The left has been spending the last week condemning Trump for killing a monster. It’s clear the Iranian people are thrilled with Trump’s strike which took out Soleimani.

The dems overzealously seized upon another moment in time to use as a cudgel against their boogeyman, and now they are going to look like idiots or hypocrites, depending on whether they support the resolution or not.

Well played, McCarthy, well played.


On Monday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) threw down the gauntlet to Democrats, as he announced he would introduce a resolution supporting the protestors in Iran who are fighting against the theocratic, despotic Islamic regime. The resolution states that it condemns the actions of the government of Iran and supports the protestors’ desire for the government of Iran to respect freedom and human rights. McCarthy thus put Democrats in the position of either supporting the protestors or refusing to do so and thus tacitly supporting the Iranian regime.

The resolution lists various actions the Iranian government has committed, including November 2019, when “Iranian security forces killed approximately 1,500 demonstrators when they rose up across the country in protest”; January 8, 2020, when “the Government of Iran shot down Ukrainian International Airlines flight 752, lied about its responsibility, and then admitted to mistakenly shooting the airliner down, killing all 176 people on board,” and  January 11, 2020, when the “government of Iran arrested the British Ambassador to Iran, in violation of the Vienna Convention.”


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  1. Off Topic…Veritas released Their “Urnie Bombshell” It’s OK…but not

    Earth shattering. Same old Nazi rhetoric with some threats about

    attacking Cops and burning Milwaukee if Urnie’ doesn’t get the Nod.

    I can’t find a link that’s not from FBook.

  2. The progressive movement and radical Islamists have been allies since at least WWII. Hatred for western civilization and America in particular is the common thread that binds them together. This resolution affects progressives and that includes establishment Republicans.

  3. John F’n Kerry is going to have to schedule another secret meeting, so he can kiss the mullahs ass in private and apologize on bended knee.

  4. The whole Demonrat establishment is up to its ass in the Iran deal, Syria, and Ukraine corruption. Billions have been literally washed through these corrupt countries and kickbacked to Nazi Nan, Pencil Neck & the Obozo crew.

    PDJT and the patriots in military intel have been slowing cutting off the deep state global money supply, starting with Saudi Arabia and killing the Iran deal and Paris Accord. They are isolating the and out maneuvering the global banking system and avoiding their attempts to start global conflict.

    The whole illegal infrastructure is collapsing, everything the Magic Negro set up through the Lizard Queen and Lurch is being countered and cut off.

    The apparatus of the alphabet agencies, DNC, and House of Representatives is at the desperation point. Every attempt to destroy PDJT has been thwarted and the panic in Nazi Nans voice is palpable.

    They will attempt to remove Trump “one way or another” in the next 10 months which in a direct threat of assassination from this satanic bitch.

    The whole global cabal is slowly being disclosed and they will do anything to stop what is happening.


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