Elizabeth Warren Should Do The Right Thing and Drop Out Now


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) is probably right that a female candidate doesn’t stand a chance of beating President Donald J. Trump in the general election. That doesn’t mean a woman can’t win the Democratic primary. In fact, for all intents and purposes, a woman has already won the contest and her name isn’t Elizabeth Warren.

It’s Nancy Pelosi.

Thanks to Pelosi’s strategic decision to delay sending the House-approved articles of impeachment to the Senate, Warren doesn’t really have a choice but to drop out. The most recent polling out of the early primary states does not bode well for her chances. read more

25 Comments on Elizabeth Warren Should Do The Right Thing and Drop Out Now

  1. Warren should do the right thing by (1): giving ALL her money to a fund to educate American Indians, in retribution for her stealing their identity and their opportunity for herself, and (2) then committing kari kari with a dull knife while screaming an Indian war chant.

  2. Pelosi timed the delivery of the impeachment articles to hinder the chances of Warren and Sanders. The senators have to be there for the impeachment trial. Pelosi delays, Warren and Sanders can’t get out on the campaign trail, and Biden surges. It was all planned.

  3. If biden is the candidate, this will be a no-brainer for PDJT: between biden’s idiocy, his incredible corruption and treason, PDJT and we will have a great time.

  4. Do Massachusetts and America a real big favor…
    smoke the tailpipe of a 1963 Beetle backed into your teepee.

  5. Maybe she should give Bernie a blowjob and then claim he forced her. Would fit her MO of serial lying.

  6. the only candidate I do fear is Comrade Bernie. he has a rabid ‘Island of Misfit Toys’ behind his candidacy that will show up & vote

    if Biden gets the nomination the Comrade Bernie loons don’t show up.

    although, like mickey m. mentioned, I too believe the fix is in & Comrade Bernie, who is not a member of the party to begin w/, is not going to be the nominee.

  7. Always only comes down to one, and with so many mentally ill still in the mix without Hillary joining in,,,
    Unlike 2016 when she was “guaranteed” it and spent no money, Soros is going to ‘penny up’.
    Mentally ill or not, when it comes to Democrats.
    Hopefully I’m more than wrong,,,

  8. Biden vs. Trump: Is Biden going to smirk, laugh, and act like a fool during the debates, like he did to jelly-spin Paul Ryan?

  9. With the House impeachment hearings and the Senate impeachment trial, I wonder if those lifelong, loyal Democrat voters are starting to get a clearer picture of who is running their party and who is representing Republicans. There’s gotta be a good deal of “Hey. Why aren’t my guys just as attractive, smart, well-spoken, and honest as those other guys over there? Why do my guys cry, shout, and wave their arms all over the place to make their point and those other guys are so even keeled, patient, and respectful? Why do my guys accuse those others of being haters when they themselves are always saying such hateful things?”

    Some of these things must be registering on some level with those loyal Democrats.

  10. AA, TDS doesn’t allow for critical thinking. The libs in my family have just tuned this out as being a fixed outcome. Some people just can’t be helped.

  11. @AbigailAdams

    “Some of these things must be registering on some level with those loyal Democrats.”

    Don’t count on it. Most of them are very low information and incapable of critical thought.

  12. The very idea of having Lizzy Warren as president and CiC is completely beyond my ability to imagine. She’s nothing more than an administrative functionary, akin to a middle manager for a public utility company; just senior enough to be trusted with risk-free decisions, but low enough to be on the nights/weekends/vacation rotation roster. Her popularity has nothing to do with her being a woman; that’s a loser’s excuse. And on top of all that, she’s just a very unattractive human being. Can you imagine? Four, potentially eight, years listening to that scolding voice and seeing a scowl worse than Moose Oblowme’s? Ugh.

  13. IDK, guys. I remember the exact moment in time and where I was, listening to the latest news of Clinton and the Lewinsky impeachment trial when I looked down at my car radio and thought, “That man definitely has sexual perversions. There’s something very wrong with him.” Up to that time, I’d heard all the stories but the media was running interference for him and the message wasn’t getting through. But that time something just clicked and it was then that I needed no further evidence that Clinton was, at the very least, someone who had no control over his dick and not only put our country at risk because of it, but demonstrated he may possibly have no control over other things, too. And besides, I was fed up with hearing about Clinton and his sex problems. It was freakin’ embarrassing that our president was such a perv.

    There’s gotta be Democrats (and Independent swing voters) who are having a similar awakening and are simply tired of hearing the Democrats whine about POTUS Trump 24/7/365.

  14. This is not a gender issue. We already tried a electing a worthless, unqualified girl from academia and it was an 8 year disaster. Communists need to come up with a better plan.

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