Elon Musk announces his $44billion Twitter deal is ‘temporarily on hold’ sending social media giant’s shares plummeting by 25% in pre-market trading


  • Tesla CEO announced Friday morning his mammoth takeover bid is ‘on hold’
  • He wants further information on the number of spam and fake accounts 
  • Twitter said earlier this month that spam accounts are less than 5% of the total
  • Shares plunged 25% in premarket trading, continuing huge downward trend 
  • Analysts say the move could be intended to lower the price or pull out of the deal


9 Comments on Elon Musk announces his $44billion Twitter deal is ‘temporarily on hold’ sending social media giant’s shares plummeting by 25% in pre-market trading

  1. Well, he got a lot of Rats to jump ship, no young people use the garbage, and now has revealed a more true “valuation”.

    However, I don’t see how the Legal & Financial systems don’t go after him for something like “bad faith/Manipulation/Fraud.
    I’m sure they will try and find something.

    Good luck, I’m not on any of it.

  2. He’s just flushing out the spam, bot and single users with 15 accounts. You’re about to find out that Twitter doesn’t have near the people using it that you were led to believe. Go Elon.

  3. IDKAF. This is all just free entertainment for me. Even if Elon wins and everything turns out the way he says it will, I won’t be using Twitter.

  4. Manipulate the market, this is not his first rodeo ride nor his last. Driving it’s price down, he’s done this before. Money, being rich & corruption go hand in hand. I don’t believe him, now this buy out should be investigated more than ever.

  5. Just like President Trump, Musk is trolling and gaslightimg these witless leftist tools. He’ll own Twitter eventually, but he’s having fun keeping the corporate Twitter twits off balance and scattered like roaches when the lights are turned on.

  6. I really don’t think Elon cares if the Twitter rocket explodes on the pad in the process of getting it right… he’s been there and done that!

  7. ^ Maybe he’s just making sure that “Twitter rocket” isn’t a disguised Leftist garbage truck that’s exploding. 🙂

  8. I gotta say this is entertaining whatever way it ends up going. Here Twitter et al think they are the driving force in the world. And that Orange Man is the worst thing imaginable. Then suddenly one of their own pops up and starts playing with them like he’s a lazy cat and they are the tiny TINY mouse. Under his ginomous paw no less!

    Yeah, entertaining. 😁

    Because you know they are firmly under his paw when they start losing their minds and hidden truths start coming out. He didn’t become the richest man in the world by not knowing how to find the other guys weaknesses.

    That he’s doing some of it in their own “public square” is simply icing on the cake.


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