Elon’s Tesla Misses Mars Orbit


In what is probably the coolest publicity stunt in history, a red Tesla convertible was launched into space this week during the testing of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket. While it seemed the flight controllers intended to send the vehicle into orbit around Mars, the car will instead circle the Sun, avoiding a fiery return to Earth or smashing into Mars or the asteroid belt. More

You can watch the launch of the Falcon Heavy with Starman and his car deployed at the 25:40 mark and two of the lift rockets landing back on earth at the 29:00 mark (the third lift rocket was to land on a drone ship platform but missed). Here





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  1. It’s definitely a guy thing. Jerry Seinfield had pointed out that when we landed on the moon, we hadn’t quite gone fare enough so we came with a car so the astronauts could drive around.

  2. At first I thought it was impressive, then realized:
    – His engineers made a mistake and will miss Mars (a big ass mistake if you ask me)
    – One of his boosters never made it back as intended
    – Putting a car in space, while kinda cool, is extremely pointless and a waste of money.
    – Why not put a up a payload that, at the very least, would reduce part of the cost of the launch? Oh, I forgot, it’s not Elon’s money, he don’t care.

  3. Instead of a car how about some high school kids science projects? Something that might be useful. What an ego trip.

  4. All he did was add another piece of space debris. The best case scenario will be that it merely has to be monitored. The worse is that it will collide with other debris and become a major threat to spacecraft and satellites.

  5. Can’t copy and paste from my mini kindle.
    But find the 1981 animation movie Heavy Metal, and watch the 5 minute opening.

  6. @rocket surgeon

    You do realize that Musk is the master of gaming the government and he’s not spending HIS money. He’s spending YOUR money.

  7. @uncle Al

    “Instead of a car, he could’ve launched an equivalent weight of Democrats.”

    You mean Hillary Clinton? With her baggage, she ought to equal a Tesla weight wise.

  8. If you think the orbiting Tesla is fake, you won’t want to see what’s behind the United States government and the “Federal Reserve”…sad.

  9. The Tesla was never intended to go into orbit around Mars. That would have taken a lot more doing. It was supposed to go into a solar orbit that would take it out as far as Mars’ orbit around the sun. However, it overshot that mark and will now orbit the Sun between Mars and the Asteroid Belt. No danger to Earth or any of our satellites or other space junk:


    BTW, if you REALLY want your mind blown, watch this:


  10. Wait. Aren’t libs against pollution and all about the environment? Isn’t this kinda like throwing trash out your car window?

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