“Embrace” Of BLM Cost Domestic Violence Victim Advocates $25,000 In County Funds

Wisconsin Public Radio

Barron County has cut $25,000 in support for a domestic violence victims advocacy organization for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and calling for an end to racism and police violence.

The Barron County Sheriff’s Department and others in the region are also cutting ties, citing the group’s support of “social issues that are negative towards law enforcement.” 

The community-based outlet Drydenwire.com posted a statement from a chief deputy of the Washburn County Sheriff’s Department, saying that they too — along with the Shell Lake Police Department, Spooner Police Department, Minong Police Department and Birchwood Police Department — were ending their affiliation with Embrace based on the statement.

On Wednesday, Sept. 30 the advocacy organization Embrace issued a statement saying that in order to “end intimate partner violence and sexual violence, we must grapple with our country’s long history of racism, slavery, genocide and colonization.” More

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  1. …Embrace issued a statement saying that in order to “end intimate partner violence and sexual violence, we must grapple with our country’s long history of racism, slavery, genocide and colonization.”

    Why? Please explain the causative relationship. Be clear and brief.

  2. So a guy who had been know to commit domestic violence gets shot by police and an organization that is supposed to support victims of domestic violence wants the police to be nicer to people who commit domestic violence?

  3. …I’ve always been a little ambivalent about “women’s advocacy groups”. When I was doing domestic violence Squad runs, we only dealt with the immediate problems like bleeding, broken bones, and the like, but these women needed MUCH more help than a muni ambulance could give and for a MUCH longer time in most case, and there were generally kids involved somewhere as well, further complicating things. To that end they had access to social workers in the hospital that they were generally too scared to interact with, but could sometimes be persuaded to talk anonymously to someone on the telephone who could then get them to the help they needed. This “Someone” was typically a woman’s advocacy group of one stripe or another, and we had cards for the purpose of giving them a range of phone numbers of services they could contact (and they couldn’t be very descriptive or Hubby would find it on a purse search later, and he’d black her eyes to the point of breaking her orbital bones for having THAT if he knew what it was, too), but the problem was that there wasn’t a lot of vetting for these outfits and some of them could get pretty “out there”. I’m not going to name names because they’re 30 years old, likely no longer exist or have changed a dozen times, and wouldn’t be well-known outside the region anyway, but they tended to be shaded more towards militant feminism and even lesbian advocacy, and while that might be a personal choice for LATER, it wasn’t REALLY the help a woman in crisis that’s worried about her poor choice in men taking it out on her kids now that SHE’S not there to protect them, and teaching a woman in that situation to tell her caveman that she’s now a libber AND a lesbian was likely to require a response from a hearse rather than an ambulance, so we kind of had to find out things ourselves and do a little informal investigating just to make sure we weren’t offering the ladies an adjunct to their misery instead of a way out. She doesn’t need a lesson in celebrating her vagina as much as she needs to be hidden from the crazy dude looking to burn it with her own curling iron for telling on him, so we needed to be a little circumspect.

    Whoever these folks are, they kind of sound like one of those types of groups, more focused on some sort of social agenda and using very vulnerable women in crisis as pawns to push an agenda instead of provide real help. A battered women doesn’t need to view a film by the 1619 project or hear about how she’s the end product of hundreds of years of slave rape, she needs a safe place to stay and a way to get her kids out of a potentially lethal situation, and some information on rebuilding her life and supporting herself in a way that doesn’t risk discovery and death.

    Nothing BLM does advances any part of those very real needs.

    The County is right to pull support from this organization, as they have clearly chosen politics over their supposed charges. Very little, if any, of the money would have gone to the women in need anyway, they’d probably house one or two of them in some residence motel or something and let them use their sail phone to make sure their erstwhile boyfriend can be SURE to find her and kill her and maybe a couple of other people in the room just for laughs, but they wouldn’t DO anything but find a way to use it to push Communism and blame America, because that’s what Communist do…and BLM is Communist to the core.

    I don’t have the answers, not in a decade of directly dealing with it and a lifetime of involvement in it in one way or another have I found the answer to domenstic violence. It has more layers than any onion, usually involves more than one life, and is so tangled in human emotions and human stubborness, foolishness, and misplaced love that it seems damn near insoluable by anyone other than the Lord. I do not know of ANYTHING or ANYONE on Earth that will help in EVERY situation.

    But I know something that does NOT help when I see it.

    And under NO circumstances would this organization, “Embrace”, EVER actually HELP…

  4. Is there no one the radical left isn’t willing to exploit for their own twisted ends?

    That, of course, was rhetorical. They know no limit.


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