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“We thought that our colleagues here in the U.S. would take heed and also do the same and put a pause, [but] they’ve continued,” [ Executive Director of the American College of Pediatricians, Jill] Simons said. “We just came together as a coalition of medical doctors, organizations, and said, ‘Enough.’”

Eighteen health policy and medical organizations have co-signed the “Doctors Protecting Children” declaration, including the Catholic Medical Association (CMA), along with close to 100 doctors and health leaders. More

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  1. Any hospital or physician that signs on to this document, risks prosecution by the Garland “justice” department, with armed raids by the FBI. I’m only half kidding.

  2. Children are influenced by their parents. It is the PARENTS that are forcing these kids to obey with their natural propensity to trust and accept what their mothers and fathers say is best for them. It is the most basic and fundamental betrayal. The kids don’t have the hormones nature injects them with to have a sexual preference. But somehow the Marxists have also captured sexual attraction as a political tool.

  3. @Tony

    You are more right than you think. Just a few days ago a federal gang of armed thugs dropped on a Texas Doctor who whistleblowed on a Hospital that was doing Dr. Megele stuff on kids.

  4. @Walpurgis — You’re correct to a point but I believe a lot of it starts in the schools. Teachers have proselytized students for ever. Back in my day (way back in a prior eon) it was to get school budgets passed with raises for teachers so they could have better and longer world-wide summer vacation trips while they plead poverty at home.


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