EPA Employees Received $500,000 In Unauthorized Bonuses


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Here’s the latest example of the bureaucratic abuse of the taxpayers going on in the United States. Can you imaging a private sector company paying out half a million dollars in unauthorized bonuses the way the EPA did?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) paid out nearly $500,000 in unauthorized bonuses, according to a report released by the EPA Inspector General.

An Inspector General (IG) investigation found that 11 EPA employees received $481,819 in unauthorized retention bonuses between 2006 and 2013. The bonuses are meant to incentivize employees who receive other job offers.

The bonuses are supposed to be reauthorized annually, but for 10 of those EPA officials, the IG could find no evidence that their bonuses were reviewed, as required by federal regulations and EPA policies.

One EPA employee received $77,204 in unauthorized pay over five years, even though he had only been approved for a one-year retention bonus.

Another employee received incentive pay for four years totaling nearly $105,000, even though the bonus should have been terminated in 2009 because he was promoted.



12 Comments on EPA Employees Received $500,000 In Unauthorized Bonuses

  1. How does this happen over and over again AND nobody goes to jail?
    It’s like outright stealing.

  2. Employment

    Seems like a lucrative place to work while killing so many other jobs.

  3. It’s not “… like outright stealing …”

    It fucking IS outright stealing!

    The bureaucracy is a criminal organization – top to bottom, left to right … Supreme Court, Legislative Branch, and the Executive Branch.

    Thoroughly rotten, corrupt, and unable to repair itself.

  4. It would be interesting to see what kinds of jobs were being offered, other than a made-up position with a fancy job title for some environmental NGO.

  5. Is it me, or should civil servants not be receiving bonuses in the first place?

  6. Also: with all the gazillions of talented unemployed people in this country, how hard would it be to replace an employee who leaves?

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