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Mich’s Advice to the Next Generation

The Reach Higher initiative is the First Lady’s effort to inspire every student
in America to take charge of their future

Learn about it at Diogenes’ Middle Finger


23 Comments on Mich’s Advice to the Next Generation

  1. “Inspire every student”?

    How about working with the dysfunctional inner city black families to inspire their kids to BE students? THEN you can inspire them AS students.

    Baby steps.

  2. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you won’t be First Lady?

    Live your life to the fullest off the taxpayer’s dime?

    Tone your arms so no one mentions your big, fat ass?

  3. Don’t worry about “work”.
    All ya gots to do is learn how to “work” the system.

    You’ll have your Food stamps, EBT, SNAP, and as many obamaphones as you want.
    Not to mention free birth control and a couple flatscreens.
    It’s money for nothin’, baby!

  4. Looks like one hell of a bitch. Do we know if she is an alcoholic?
    The media never investigate anything. We know nothing about these people.

  5. Why do her teeth always look like they are about to explode out of her face, like some scary alien movie?


  6. “inspire every student in America to take charge of their future”

    does she mean they should reduce the bloated federal government and the salaries and retirement benefits that goes with such a monstrosity?

  7. One thing we do know is that Barack Obama is not Barack Obama.

    BTW, Al-Barak was the horse that took Mohammed to heaven so he could learn how to fuck his cousin and assorted other pre-teens.

  8. “Don’t have children; just rent them from Chicago Central Casting to get ahead in politics.”

  9. Actually, Babs, it’s…

    “If you can read this, you’re not in far enough.”


  10. Crap, don’t you two realize it’s still the Family Hour on iOTW? Plus, there may be children lurking.

  11. “Life is short. Eat the dessert, entree, soup, salad and appetizer all at once.”

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