Michelle’s Brother Fired By Oregon State


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Obama’s brother-in-law fired by Oregon State

Not even having friends in the highest of places could save Craig Robinson.



42 Comments on Michelle’s Brother Fired By Oregon State

  1. Obviously, Oblowme must have told the Oregon State student body,

    “If you like your basketball coach, you can keep him. Period.”

  2. Just waiting for someone to say it………

    I would, but I’m afraid they’d track me down….

  3. Word on the street is, Barry had originally come courtin’ for Craig but he “don’t go that way”, so he settled on Michelle who’s got basically the same build and scowl.

  4. As twins go, they’re not quite identical.
    Craig is prettier.

    (I think Irony could be onto something.)

  5. Oregon State has been the dregs of basketball in the Pac-10 (now the Pac 12) for years. A new coach won’t make any difference because good players don’t want to play in Corvallis.

  6. Dianny, how many years have you heard me say that very thing now…”I’ve NEVER seen the two together, not even when she would visit him here in ORYGUN!”

  7. they listed his loosing record in the article. If Obama would just get the same team that compiles his obamacare sign up stats to calculate the coach’s record, he will have won almost all his games and won the NCAA tournament 5 times!!

  8. Time for his Voodoo Mother to put a Santeria pox on OSU.

    “Barack, bring Momma three live chickens from the kitchen! Snap to it, boy!”

  9. As the Obama Administration sinks in to lame duckhood nepotism won’t be worth a warm bucket of spit.

  10. Has anybody associated with Mooch or Barry been successful at any decent endeavour besides some self serving scheme. I think not.

  11. Meritocracy is anathema to Progmocracy. Especially Prognaths like alien head and his sister.

  12. Robinson was 93-104 in six years at Oregon State with no NCAA tournament appearances.

    Six years is a good run for fielding mediocre teams. Good luck finding any interest elsewhere.

  13. He’ll be the next coach of the Lakers.
    Moose needs a reason to stop on the West Coast before leaving for Southeast Asia, or some other Pacific getaway. “Family reasons” would fit the bill.

  14. I think Craig and mooch are MR and Mrs Potato head. They look identical until you move a few parts around.

  15. He’s finally free from job lock (unless maybe Oprah needs some coaching help with the LA Clippers once she’s iced the deal).

  16. What a quandary for Barry! Does he sic the I.R.S. on them, or just say they acted stupidly?
    Or are there now only 56 states?

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