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EPA Rigs Enforcement to Destroying Aftermarket Car Part Makers

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It’s in that light that we take a hard look at how the EPA is treating the aftermarket automotive parts industry, specifically when it comes to anything it considers to be an emissions defeat device. Just what is such a thing? According to an Enforcement Alert issued by the EPA in December 2020 it’s spelled out as follows:

“Examples of such parts, devices, and elements of design include: the on-board diagnostic system (OBD); diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs); sensors for oxygen, oxides of nitrogen (NOx), ammonia, particulate matter (PM), urea quality, and exhaust gas temperature; diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and their sensors; exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems; diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs); selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems; NOx adsorber catalyst (NAC) systems; engine calibrations that affect engine combustion (e.g., fuel injection or ignition timing, injection pattern, fuel injection mass for each injection event, fuel injection pressure, EGR flowrate, mass air flowrate, EGR cooler bypassing).”

That’s quite the list of potential defeat devices. If you’re realizing pretty much every powertrain, intake, and exhaust modification could fall under that laundry list, you’re starting to catch on to what’s happening. More

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  1. Remember
    It’s all about the Fees
    The first Time around was the VW Exhaustion of Funding Fraud
    They have to tell you in advance
    So you can’t say you didn’t see those Fees coming
    Always Remember
    The Fees

  2. I’d like to see the faggots find the ECM in my ’73 Super Beetle.

    According to these scumbags me setting my timing the proper way at terminal advance, in the stead of tickover timing (or even static timing) I have broken some law. Me re-jetting for shitty ethanol is also some sort of crime. Everything is a crime according to some document.

  3. Resistance is Futile, You Will Be Assimilated.
    Only dealers will be able return your vehicle to OEM specifications, for an exorbitant fee.
    I’m sure there is a private jet exclusion.

  4. States should insist on results based testing and spot testing and toss out tampering laws.

    This isn’t about racers and performance geeks. It is another tool being used to eliminate the internal combustion engine. It is performance parts now, but they can easily take a broader stroke against the parts industry to make existing engines unrepairable. They also plan on shutting down availability of gas and diesel.

    The big automakers have capitulated. GM was the first, with Obama’s targeted bailouts/payoffs. Now Ford and Chrysler have announced their commitment to EVs and abandonment of carbon fueled (at least directly) vehicles.

    It isn’t just about carbon fuels. They know many will not be able to afford or use EVs. That goes toward the Great Reset/Agenda 21 goals of heavily reduced car ownership and forcing people into high-density housing in 15-minute ghettos (we will own nothing and be happy…slaves to the State).

    If the wackos win the presidency and make any gains in Congress in 2024, it is all over for ICEs by 2026. You notice I didn’t mention a specific party.

    The EV tax credits will have little effect on demand. I see another round of Cash for Clunkers coming, but it will be mandatory this time.

    Californians have just rolled their eyes and ignored the idiots up until now. Will they finally react when their gloriously pimped out ride is confiscated? Car culture crosses all boundaries.

  5. Erik the ne’er do well unmasked scumbag
    AT 10:38 PM

    “Everything is a crime according to some document.”

    …that’s how Communists roll. They make it IMPOSSIBLE to not break SOME law just living your life.

    That way, when the Party tires of you, its very easy for them to find and selectively enforce some nonsensical “law” that everyone breaks every day to be “legally” rid of you, with no protest from your Party judge or Party lawyer or Party politicians.

  6. There are clever devices available to disable the Honda “Variable Cylinder Management” system. VCM is known to cause excessive carbon contamination in combustion chambers and intake ports, resulting in expensive repairs.
    I can confirm that disabling the VCM on a Honda Pilot did not reduce the fuel mileage any perceivable amount. VCM is a joke.

  7. Jethro
    AT 8:53 AM
    “There are clever devices available to disable the Honda “Variable Cylinder Management” system.”

    …they tried this years ago by making a Cadillac engine with a V4/6/8 configuration that was supposed to shut down cylinders depending on demand.

    Customers first reported that the 8 cylinder mode was usable, but the 6 cylinder mode performed poorly and vibrated horribly, 4 cylinder even worse, and switching was terrible. It did nothing to improve milage and the unbalanced and overstressed engines died early, you’ll notice none now exist.

    Guess they are hoping everyone forgot.

    As the preacher in Ecclesiastes says, there’s nothing new under the sun.

    This is just the same Democrats serving the same devil using the same tricks on a new generation they deliberately kept ignorant of the past for just that reason.

    The devil is not creative, he can only massage the same lies over and over again.

    That’s why he wants to ban history as racist and the Bible as hateist.

    Anything with a history quickly exposes his lies.

    Which is why Democrats hate history so much.

    For their master’s sake.


  8. @ Dr. Hambone The DEF Diesels cannot roll coal

    I have a 2016 F350 with the 6.7L diesel that came from the factory with 440 HP and over 1000 Tq. A Diesel Exhaust Fluid and EGR Delete would bump the fuel efficiency by 25 to 30% and the power another 30-40 HP If I wasn’t subject to yearly DOT inspections I would do the delete in a heartbeat. I regularly pull a gooseneck trailer and have a 5 gallon DEF tank on my truck. The last 10K miles I used just over a quart of DEF. Almost all of my miles are highway miles. The DEF system is almost useless on my truck.

  9. The Communist party formerly known as the Democrats want us off the road and out of our cars 🤬

    Hey wokist 😩 are you woke enough yet to see what these assholes are doing to our country 🤔


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