Epstein Guards Asleep For Three Hours While On Duty

Washington Examiner

The guards at the prison where Jeffrey Epstein apparently killed himself fell asleep and failed to check on the convicted sex offender for three hours.

Three law enforcement and prison officials told the New York Times that two staff members in the unit where Epstein was being held after his arrest were sleeping for some or all of the three hours they failed to check on the financier.

They then falsified reports to cover up the lapse. Falsifying the records could be a federal crime. More

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  1. To assume Jeffy’s “friends” didn’t have a contingency plan, in case of emergency, is foolish.

    I knew weeks ago Epstein’s case was unsealed, and I’m a nobody.
    WHY did Jeffy then fly into Teterboro, for such a nice clean apprehension?

  2. ….and next we will find out that Little Orphan Annie put sleeping pills in their Ovaltine….D R I N K M O R E O V A L T I N E…..

  3. “Falsifying the records could be a federal crime.”

    …COULD be, but WON’T be. Many important Democrats and some important Republicans are well-pleased by their performance, and are unlikely to do anything to encourage them to testify about WHY.

    They will be rewarded for their silence if they keep it, and Arkencided if they don’t.

    No official procedure required…

  4. …they covered this in Macbeth, and I’m pretty sure Shakespeare was thinking of Hillary when he wrote the character of Lady Macbeth too, it just fits too well…

    That which hath made them drunk hath made me bold;
    What hath quench’d them hath given me fire.
    Hark! Peace!
    It was the owl that shriek’d, the fatal bellman,
    Which gives the stern’st good-night. He is about it:
    The doors are open; and the surfeited grooms
    Do mock their charge with snores: I have drugg’d
    their possets,
    That death and nature do contend about them,
    Whether they live or die.”
    “Macbeth”, Act 2, Scene 2

    …the man must have had a time machine…

  5. Government incompetence or government intervention. All this will be buried in an investigation no one will remember in another month.

  6. Too bad Congress doesn’t sleep 3 hours a day. Think of all the embarrassment we would avoid, all the money we’d save.

  7. You can trust the Fumbling Bureaucratic Incontinence [FBI] with…
    Investigating the death of Jeffrey Dahmer,
    Whoops wrong Jeffrey, Epstein.

  8. I believe 911 was NOT an inside job.
    ” ” Oswald killed Kennedy.
    ” ” we landed on the moon.
    ” ” the world is round.
    I know Epstein was Akrancided.

    I say all of this because I don’t say the Clinton’s murdered anyone lightly. If Epstein was the first person who had dirt on the Clinton’s to die under crazy circumstances I would say ‘crazy things happen’. But he is the 56th person who had dirt on the Clinton’s to die an unnatural death- talk about crazy odds multiplied by at least 56 multiplied by each of the crazy odds of the individual 56 divided by Occam’s razor and you get The Clinton’s had that guy murdered.

  9. Sort of off topic a little.

    I’ve read he used a bed sheet to hang himself. I’ve also read (by people claiming to know from experience) that those sheets are made from some kind of paper and have no strength. I’ve heard that stuff repeated on radio news and shows as well.

    Does anyone know for certain what kind of sheet was used to hang him?

    I’m already getting tired of the conflicting statements, facts, details and circumstances that can’t be readily investigated by everyone to confirm or dismiss them.

  10. And my favorite saying was always work smart not hard. Wish I would have known about these kinds of jobs out there.

  11. I recall seeing a NYS employee working third shift and then see her the next day working at the NYS thruway toll booth. Its common for state employees to hold down several jobs because they sleep during one of them. Its part of the benefits package I think.

  12. Oh, fukkin please!

    Gov’t workers on Day Shift sleep at least 3 hours!
    Those on nights? Well, let’s just say that they achieve greater results.

    They’re all grinning thinking they got away with another lie. And the FBI is just nodding their heads while pretending to investigate a “suicide” that everyone knows is murder.

    Think about it – it’s the same old excuse from every gov’t slob ever caught doing any criminal act: “I’m incompetent! Not a criminal!”

    House, Senate, Obola “read about it in the papers,” “coincidence,” “paradoxically,” “like, with a cloth?” Lynch and Clinton made a clandestine rendezvous on the tarmac at a remote airport “to talk about their grandchillens.”

    Fukkin PLEASE!

    I know that nothing’s gonna happen to the murderers, or to those who hired them, but must it be so insulting?

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. They were tired because of all the overtime they needed to pad their pensions and accumulate hours for an unused vacation cash-out when they retire at 50 with full pay, plus COLAs for the rest of their lives.

  14. 1) No witness protection
    2) No suicide watch
    3) No working security cams
    4) Two guards asleep
    5) Screaming while he “hung” himself, using what for air?
    Old military axiom to determine if you are under
    infiltration attacks says:
    Once is happenstance.
    Twice is coincidence.
    Three times is Enemy Action.

  15. Epstein was the most important prisoner in that jail and what they would have us believe is a comedy of errors. They didn’t have much time to plan it but they had plenty of time to clean up the loose ends. Nobody will see a day in jail for this.


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