Equal Time With Negative Ads: Here is the Anti-Cruz Ad

Will someone make the Anti-Anti-Cruz ad? We’ll post it.

16 Comments on Equal Time With Negative Ads: Here is the Anti-Cruz Ad

  1. See, using the actual candidate speaking the actual words is effective. And Truthful. And in the case of this ad seems to be in context which is important.

    And no children were used to spread vile false rumors.

  2. He’s a poo-poo head!
    No! The other guy’s a poo-poo head!
    No! The other, other guy’s a poo-poo head!
    No! The other, other, other guy’s a poo-poo head!

  3. TO pboid

    If you do not vote (and that includes, as a last resport, writing-in your candidate), you are effectively helping elect the Dems.

  4. Throw all the dirt possible now, get it out there. A candidate should be able to it and live or try to dodge it and lose.

    I don’t want to wait till the general to find out we’ve been had again because the nominee was protected and shielded by the establishment till the alternative was even worse.

  5. Most people don’t vote for who they like … they vote against who they don’t like.

    (You could look it up!)

    I despise socialism and will vote for the least socialist maggot in the race.

  6. In my time of being able to vote for President, here are the choices of candidates who could actually win – none were constitutionalists but I believe Reagan came closest (and that’s not saying much in the grand scheme of things):

    Reagan Vs Mondale I chose Reagan (and it was the only time I was happy to choose the candidate I voted for).

    HW Bush vs Dukakis

    HW Bush vs Clinton

    Dole vs Clinton

    W Bush vs Gore

    W Bush vs Kerry

    McCain vs Obama

    Romney vs Obama

    What a bunch of crap choices and the string of Dem candidates get “progressively” worse. Very frustrating to someone who has read and understood the Constitution.

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