Eric Holder asks, “when did you think America was great?” – IOTW Report

Eric Holder asks, “when did you think America was great?”

In a revealing interview recently with MSNBC, former attorney general for Barack Obama, Eric Holder was asked his opinion on the idea of “make America great again.” Holder’s recollection of America’s past deeds never seem to come up to his standards ““It takes us back to what I think, an American past that never in fact really existed. This notion of greatness.” More 


27 Comments on Eric Holder asks, “when did you think America was great?”

  1. FU Eric Holder.

    Hopefully, you will have your wreckoning day…you POS.


    DJT POTUS ‘gets’ to Holder and Holder in his defense outs his b-ball buddy The Choomer in Chief.


  2. I’ll tell you when it was great you ugly mulatto twin brother to Susan Rice:
    Day Fuckin’ One!
    And every single day after that until this day.
    You ashey-kneed ignorant boot licker
    Now Go-away or I will taunt you a second time

  3. Surely there must be SOME place In the world this wretched POS thinks is great! Let’s hope he finds it really soon and moves there! I’d think that he’d by now be satisfied with all the damage he has done here. South Africa, perhaps? He’s already demonstrably really good at corruption! Should fit right in with all the other white hating pols there. And, there’s plenty of wealth and property he can steal from whites with the government’s blessing.

  4. Greatness returned to America after we booted out the likes of you race hustling commies.
    Y’all never slept and did as much damage as you could.

    But the Americans are greater than you, smarter than you, more resourceful than you and we sent our best citizen to take a bulldozer to every evil thing that you built.

    Look over your shoulder, Holder. Sleep with one eye open. A predawn SWAT raid is in your future.

  5. Why don’t you leave America? – you privileged Marxist asshole… America has always been great. It has has a self correcting representative constitution the most beautiful thing ever created by man. What a 1st class dick and dumb-ass!!!

  6. Now go make those comments in a crowded VFW or American Legion hall you nappy headed Howard Sprague looking commie. Didn’t see anything in the article where the MSNBC interviewer called him out.

  7. BEFORE the DOJ began arming Mexican drug cartels? 😳


  8. Holder is just pandering to idiots who have never read a history book. And there are so many, and in government. Holder knows what he says is bullshit. But he knows nobody in the media will jack his ass up on facts. The United States of America ended slavery in America.Stopped Jim Crow. Republicans did those two things.
    Holder knows this. But he is feeling quite happy with his black half. Like Obama, being black and down trodden is a plus.
    PHuck all these motherfuckers!

  9. And his wealth comes from his wife, who got her wealth in the abortion business. Megabucks for murdering black children.

    But he is the moral arbiter of American greatness. Shut up, steppinfetchit.

  10. Hey Holder, how about all those african chiefs who sold those they captured to who ever wanted them? You are so full of shit! How about black slave owners in America? How about it was Republicans who freed the slaves. How about talking about black slave owners?
    How about racist democrats like George Wallace, Robert Byrd, and Lbj.
    Holder, you are full of shit.


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