Establishment Stalling Speaker Election


CHQ: Imagine for a moment that come November of 2016 just as the presidential election was about to take place Hillary Clinton dropped out of the race as the Democratic nominee and President Barack Obama postponed the election indefinitely.

There’d be insurrection in the streets. 

Yet that is exactly what Speaker Boehner and the cabal that currently runs the House Republican Conference did when Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the Speaker race last week.

And this effort to fix the election for Speaker is being actively abetted by the establishment media, who act like they don’t care or see what is going on, which is that the Republican establishment that runs Capitol Hill right now is simply stalling around until they can figure out a way to manipulate the process to maintain their power.


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  1. And the progressive republicans continue to play russian roulette with a fully loaded pistol……..

    power, control & politics over principle.
    boehner snatching defeat from the jaws of victory ….. again !

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