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EU and Iran Try to Defy US Sanctions

The first reinstatement of financial sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran starts today. The first level will ban the exchange of Iranian Rials for US dollars and target Iran’s trade in some metals and automotive parts. The restrictions are being re-imposed since The United States withdrew from the nuke deal with Iran earlier this year.

The European Union in contrast likes the deal and is trying to do all it can to keep doing business with Iran. Today the EU issued a “blocking statute” that prevents EU firms from complying and blocks US courts from filing law suits to force compliance EU companies to comply with the renewed sanctions. More

In preparation for the reimplementation of sanctions, Iran has lifted its ban on currency exchange business, allowing citizens to again trade in foreign currency and gold. More 


8 Comments on EU and Iran Try to Defy US Sanctions

  1. Britain, France and Germany are the key movers.
    It’s time to reduce our military bases, personnel and economic stimulus from each of these countries.

    The Socialist EU appears to think they can go without us.
    Give them what they want.

    Poland and Hungary have become strategic partners and willing allies.
    Increase our relationship there as we reduce it in England, France and Germany.

  2. Iran is threatening us not them. After all we have done and continue to do for them this is the thanks we get. If Trade with Iran is more important to them than backing us up, screw them.

  3. Slightly off topic, but this morning John Bolton made reference to our limiting Iran’s development of “deliverable nuclear weapons,” as opposed to “nuclear weapons” which, unless I’m just seeing (hearing) ghosts, is a tacit admission that Iran HAS nuclear weapons.

    This is a palpable indictment of Obola and his diseased Pro-Izlamic Agenda.

    Maybe I misunderstood.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Go ahead and write England, Germany and France off. As long as they have leaders like jerkle, moroon and whatever Islamic compliant clown is running Britain they are doomed.
    There are other countries that seem to have the fecal matter properly aligned. Sgt. first class moochoman Jr. is presently deployed in Poland developing bases there. Other countries defy the EU in refusing to accept Islamic refugees. All of Europe is not lost but it is on the edge.

  5. There won’t be another Crusade. Europe and the Pope are now atheists so what is there to fight for?

    Pornography, drugs, a welfare state and a wifi connection aren’t Islamo-compliant and a childless generation with no stake in the future isn’t going to volunteer to fight for its survival.


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