Europe is committing suicide



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  1. Well, if Hitlary was elected we would be committing cultural suicide too. Who are the WHITE ASSHOLES behind this? And what is their motivation?

  2. Bad Brad: The Secret Societes are working as one to have us as Slaves basically, the Clinton- Obama playbook wasn’t just theirs alone. They are trying to OBAMAFY the Planet !

  3. Jack Posobiec, whom I’m still trying to figure out. Ex Naval Intelligence but can talk for a half hour and not say shit. If he worked me me I’d fire his ass. Back to the important shit. He’s pulling twitter quotes up from a couple years back of Trump quoting, guess who. General Patton. The big light come on.

  4. Plantsman
    Those names you mention are bit players. Think Rothschilds. They’re a perverted bunch. It still begs the question WHY?

  5. “Anyone who does not agree… is free to leave Germany”

    Sounds like Cuomo.

    Prager U is AWESOME. My troops go there.

    From the begining of vid to 1:30 could be HERE.

    Key word? WHITE GUILT that is what got Hussein elected.

  6. Bad Brad: I’m left wondering as well, it seems to stem from Satinism and travels thru the Illuminati- Mason line etc. But to what gain ???
    Bloodline certainly plays a dominant role with RH Negative running the show.

  7. Plantsman
    This is why the big attraction to Q. But it still doesn’t answer the question why. Don’t let them take your guns.

  8. Either fight or die now phuckers. Only ROE will be your time spent on ground.
    Get the US out of there.

  9. Why?

    A one world (global) government/ economy/religion will come into being which will control the minds and bodies of all mankind except a few who will be killd for refusing. This system will be led, for a time, by the greatest peacemaker the world has ever seen, and he will be Satan incarnate.

    It’s got to start somewhere.

    That’s why.

    Here’s a challenge to anyone who doesn’t actually believe what the Bible says about this:

    Look at everything that’s been happening on a global scale and ask yourself what does it appear to be leading toward?

    Times of disintegration and chaos where a man rises up and makes peace where no peace was successful before. Then the world finally comes together as one under his leadership.

    THEY will tell you RIGHT NOW that is their goal. They’ve already been trying to do it. They’re just blinded to who they actually work for.

  10. That raises the big question…

    How could a book supposedly just written by men (according to many, including many religious folks) describe to a T what’s coming, and did so at least 2,000 years ago, long before any of this was humanly conceivable?

    Impossible for mere men to have done it.

  11. BTW…

    If people are willing to do that just for inconsequential daily conveniences, what do you think the mass of humanity would do if government told to accept something similar if they want to be able to buy food or run a business, else they’ll starve if they refuse?

    They’d line up with their kids and DEMAND their right to be marked, and you know they would. They’d do it today if told to.

  12. A few stuffy and elitist intellectuals who live in a cloistered environment pressure politicians to make these idiotic decisions that have very little effect on them personally and make them feel morally superior but have devastating results for the real world.

  13. As other lights go dark, America’s light shines the brighter.
    Illuminati and the Globalists be damned
    “…to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.”

  14. On a positive note, all these people that want globalism, really hate each other. There are no friends in hell and the demonic realm here.
    Trump was a catastrophic setback for them, take heart.

  15. It still begs the question WHY?

    In the short term (leaving prophesy out of it for the moment) is that among the overeducated and under-oxygenated, is that we, as common men and women, are not fit to determine our own way in life. Freedom is messy and leads to all kinds of complications, especially during the transitional phase where notions of faith are excoriated. Without a faith, there isn’t any moral compass, excepting the lame system of decision trees bestowed upon us by ‘our betters’, and it’s completely inadequate to the task. Consider; in the secular world, the most basic inspiration to living well, namely the concept of gratitude, has no place to flower. Gratitude to whom? Them? Really?
    At the end of it, throwing up their hands while not recognizing the gaping holes in their logic (such as it is), we are considered to be managed. Herded, if you will. A resource.

  16. The middle east has been in turmoil for over 4 thousand years, and some old German bitch thinks she’s going to solve it by letting them run through Europe and there will be peace once they become modern. She wants a crown but she’s never going to get one. They’ll kill her as soon as they’ve taken over. She’s an idiot.

  17. “At the end of it, throwing up their hands while not recognizing the gaping holes in their logic (such as it is), we are considered to be managed. Herded, if you will. A resource.”

    Yep, because it’s inevitable that when one rejects God, one will eventually take on His role…and that god is the most jealous of all.

  18. There has to be some huge power behind the scenes that works as the puppet master to the ostensible leaders of the EC countries, and possibly ours.

    They want to eliminate borders, trade barriers, national traditions, culture, or anything else that make countries unique. More immigrants in Germany, for example, means a bigger tax base, more customers for goods, and low-paid workers to make the goods. Government, politicians, and the rich industrialists benefit, but the common people pay the price in lost jobs, more crime, and a dilution of their culture.

    Let us pray and hope that we can stop it here.

  19. I remember two years ago when the influx of “migrants” were streaming into small German cities by the hundreds. All of them had cell phones. And a 500 euro bill. The shopkeepers couldn’t make change when the “migrants” came to buy candy or cigarettes. My question at the time was “Where did they get the cell phones? And the money?” Probably the same guy who was buying the inflatable boats to bring them across the Mediterranean. George Soros and friends. As to the “WHY?” part of it, we normals can’t understand it. Why would anyone want to destroy civilization? I think I know.

    “All this I will give to you if you fall down and worship me!” Matthew 4:9.

  20. German citizens have been complaining for decades about the influx of middle-eastern Muslims, who for a long time were mostly Turks.

    All of their concerns and fears have done nothing to change things. The Muslims still get in. There is likely nothing more they can do. I don’t think they are allowed to own firearms.

  21. Europe has been in decay since … what? … the 1850s?
    Europe is tired – “weary of man” and “weary of life” – and has been for a long time. The two World Wars decimated them (probably literally) and their best men were sacrificed to Ares – for no obvious gain – NONE! Those leftover were the weak, the tired, the mutilated, the disheartened, the pessimistic, the NIHILISTIC.
    They no longer believe in God.
    They no longer believe in their institutions.
    They no longer believe in their “leaders.”
    They have a declining birthrate and know that in a couple of generations they will exist NO MORE. They import rat-people to support their (used to be national, but now European Union) brand of socialism and “managed decline.”

    If some man awakens them, there will be Hell to Pay – and Berlin and Brussels are well aware of that – and will do anything and everything to prevent it.

    Truly a “Gotterdammerung.”

    izlamo delenda est …


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