How Much More OUTRAGE Is Left in the OUTRAGE Tank?

What’s the latest outrage? A yearbook had a Muslim kid listed as “Most likely to bomb the U.S.”

Every crap publication, including the one linked below, wrote their headline as if the kid was subjected to this abuse by intolerant and Islamophobic fellow students.

You have to get halfway through this horrible reporting until you learn the the kid wrote it about himself. The actual outrage was that the school didn’t edit the book and censor the students’ comments.


Parents outraged over school yearbook that lists student ‘Most likely to bomb the U.S.’

School yearbooks often list students voted most likely to succeed, best athlete or most popular. But the 2017-2018 yearbook from Sonoran Science Academy in Peoria just identified a student as most likely to become a terrorist.

Bree Brown is one of several parents who couldn’t believe what was in the yearbook — an eighth-grader voted “Most likely to bomb the U.S.”

“The moment I opened it up, my heart sank,” said Brown. “I thought how did this get past the administration? I can’t fathom having a child labeled, basically a terrorist of our country. It’s horrible.”

The yearbook was sent home with students a few days ago and it didn’t take long for the controversy to blow up.

Brown spotted a number of questionable comments in the K-8 charter school’s annual.

One girl was voted most likely to steal gang people’s food.

Another student’s favorite memory was when someone got stabbed with a pencil.

But nothing compared to the outrage over the boy most likely to become a terrorist.

“There are children that (sic) are in charge of the yearbook, overseen by a teacher, so if it wasn’t caught by a teacher that’s (sic) in charge of the club, why wasn’t it caught by someone higher up in the administration?” Brown asked. “That’s something I really would like to know.”

Sonoran Science Academy spokesman Matt Benson said there was never any class vote on best and worst categories.

The eighth-graders each filled out a yearbook form and were allowed to write any statements they wanted to place next to their picture, said Benson.

This eighth-grader apparently thought it would be funny if he said he was most likely to bomb the U.S.

“As a parent, I would like answers,” said Brown. “I would like to see steps they’ll take in future to prevent this from happening again.”

Sonoran Science Academy principal Deb Hofmeier released this statement:

“On Friday night, I became aware of an inappropriate entry included with the 2017-18 yearbook in which a student self-designated they were ‘Voted Most Likely to Bomb the U.S.’ To be clear, there was no class vote. Each student self-selected a superlative for himself or herself.

“After speaking with the student and the student’s parents, it is apparent the comment was a misguided attempt at humor. There was absolutely no malicious intent on the part of the student.

“Regardless, our entire administrative team takes this seriously. The comment should have been caught and removed during the editing process before the yearbook was published.

“Our school is investigating how this incident occurred, and has already taken disciplinary action against the faculty adviser in charge of the yearbook.

“Going forward, we will be instituting a more stringent review process to ensure this cannot happen again.

“In the meantime, we have reached out to each of our Sonoran Science Academy-Peoria families to express our deep regret regarding this incident. We are also collecting yearbooks from students who had already received them, and will have a new, edited batch printed and distributed at no additional charge to families.

“On behalf of Sonoran Science Academy-Peoria, I apologize for any inconvenience and for the larger situation, which does not accurately reflect our students, school mission or the values we share with our families and community.”


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  1. They at least had a sincere apology, imagine the response if it were a creative Arts school.

  2. All things considered, how did this get past the teacher’s sight? I was a yearbook editor my senior year and oversaw yearbook for years as a teacher. No way this should happen. No oversight.

  3. My lord, if people like Bree Brown can’t find at least one thing to be outraged about on a daily basis, they don’t “feel” alive.

    Yearbooks aren’t meant as a tribute to anything other than fond memories, a moment in time if you will, of the freedom to be young, and yes stupid. That’s why they end up gathering dust in your parents attic.

    IMO Bree needs to spend more time policing her own kids thoughts and less on other kids conforming to her demands.

  4. Her name is Bree……………expect drama. The likely response is that they wont have a yearbook anymore.

  5. No doubt his first of many incidents of creating chaos that he will be encouraged to do…

  6. The Sonoran Science Academy is a Gulen charter school. Infested with, and run by, Turkish muslims. Bree, you’re an idiot for sending your kid there.

  7. The surprising thing is that anyone reads that shit.
    What a fukkin waste of trees.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. “All things considered, how did this get past the teacher’s sight?”

    Teacher is likely a muslim, too. See above.

  9. These are 13 or 14 year old kids trying to be funny. And because they are 13 or 14 year old kids, sometimes their attempts at humor fail; this also happens to 50 or 60 year old people who also try their hand at humor. The fact that the kid wrote “Voted most likely…” instead of “I will…” is an indication that the student is probably satirizing himself.

    In a certain context like a satirical or parody yearbook for a fairly bland junior high school, this kid’s caption would be funny. And as this is a science academy which is probably full of young smart kids, the pencil stabbing memory is probably funny to the students and parents who are familiar with the school culture which is likely non-violent.

    The problem is the school administration who should have caught these remarks and used them as an opportunity to teach these kids proper context for their statements or, depending on the circumstances, investigated the remarks further. Humor is a learned skill and takes some intelligence to create, but there is a time and place for everything and it was the administration’s responsibility to teach this particular lesson.

  10. Reached for comment by the ace reporters here at the Onion, the student commented on the faux outrage and boiling indignation from all quarters. “What a bunch of humorless fucks! I know they search the internet top to bottom every day for their ‘Outrage De Jour’,and I guess I’m happy I could do that for them. But Sweet Jesus, lighten up folks! You all sound like the retarded kids they won’t even let attend this school.”

  11. OK regardless, I thought it was funny. It’s not like he was the only one writing stupid shit.
    And omg, shut up, Bree!


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