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Europe’s Blood-Soaked ‘Amazons’

It’s a pictorial post, but you’ll get the idea. LINK
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  1. I see women in the gym that buy into “women are just as strong as men.”
    They get on the leg press and load it with weights.
    They then proceed to do a two inch range of motion that does nothing to promote growth.
    They lock their knees, unlock them barely and then relock.
    Stupid bitches, egos are for men!

  2. “(September / October, 2022) Possibility that the USA and Western Europe is plunged into darkness. Total chaos. Military martial law. Elections cancelled.”
    The Boy Scout motto comes to mind.
    Be Prepared

  3. @joe6pak…

    The focus is shifting to Odessa region. If Russia takes Odessa, Ukraine is landlocked. NATO cannot have that. NATO will come in through Moldova and Romania into Transnistria. That is where the shit gets real.

    Speaking of Moldova, that list of “Amazons” is missing one lady: Maia Bandu, President of Moldova, she has thrown Moldova’s lot in with the West, and her country will pay bitterly for it.

  4. These are the women who will ruin the world and then blame men for putting them in control. They are the eventual fruit of the womens lib movements that started sixty years ago that said any woman can do what any man can. Since then the standards that defined manhood have changed, men have become feminized and women who are unqualified have been promoted to fill positions of great consequence. Now we see the perfect storm of events happening to bring the worst kind of suffering upon the world, and this is all happening in the name of equality. There are and have always been exception’s of women uniquely qualified to lead in the arena of global politics but it is obvious most of these women have no idea of what to do.

  5. It’s reassuring, like the US (Milley and the woke political generals), they’ve appointed the greatest military minds of their country to lead the west into oblivion.
    If stupidity reigns, we’ll be in good shape.
    God Help Us.

  6. Fun fact about the Ruusian Minister of Defense

    His last name is a very Non Russian “Soigu” He comes from an area just north of Central Mongolia called Tannu Tuva

    You’ve probably never heard of the Tannu Tavu because they were almost completely exterminated in one of Josef Stalin lesser known genocide

    And yet his ancestors somehow survived it. So Im guessing he isnt crapping his pants over these Defense Ministeresses

  7. @Not me May 3, 2022 at 9:09 am

    > There are and have always been exception’s of women uniquely qualified to lead in the arena of global politics



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