Heroic ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ fighter doesn’t actually exist, Ukraine admits – IOTW Report

Heroic ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ fighter doesn’t actually exist, Ukraine admits


The “Ghost of Kyiv” is a myth, Ukrainian officials admitted over the weekend.

After several news outlets last week identified the legendary, mysterious hero fighter pilot as a 29-year-old dad recently killed in battle with the Russians, military officials acknowledged Saturday that there was no such person.

“The ghost of Kyiv is a superhero-legend, whose character was created by Ukrainians!” Ukraine’s Air Force Command wrote on Facebook.

The reputed hero had been credited with taking out as many as 40 Russian aircraft until he was shot down March 13 while battling an “overwhelming” number of enemy forces, the Times of London had reported. more

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  1. “…while battling an “overwhelming” number of enemy forces…”

    …this isn’t WWII. Planes don’t dogfight in enormous furballs. If they did, given the distances they fire over and the self-guiding munitions they use to do it, they’d kill more freind than enemy.

    Like everything else Democrats put out there, it never wasn’t a lie.

  2. I’m sorry but this BS from the so-called battlefield is nothing more than the world’s two biggest money launderers duking it out for supremacy in the industry–and the Big Guy’s “aid” nothing more than another money grab from the Biteme Crime Family before their choice of launderers closes shop.

  3. Anyone who ever believed he did is a fucking moron. Just like the people who think there is any good side to that fucking freak show going on in Ukraine right now. It’s just the latest bullshit thing to spin all the idiots up about.

  4. Well, when you war footage of his actions are being combined with Video game Footage and presented as coverage…

  5. Just like the whole Angelina Jolie being caught in an air raid in Ukraine with the sirens going off – hustling her down the street. Nothing but a fake news photo op.


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