Even After the Continual Ridicule Of Leaving Filth in Their Wake – Leftist Activists Do It Again. It’s Who They Are.

Why do I call leftists dirtbags? Because they are.

Generally they are sloppier, filthier and uglier and leave areas where they protest sloppy, filthy and ugly.

It’s settled science.

Morons, with their “art” statements, leave them strewn in the street after they are finished scuzzsplaining to the rest of us how dangerous we are to “the planet.”

After they buy their plastic laden products, they leave them strewn in the streets.

You’d think they would protest against the type of people who would behave like this.

They have met the enemy of the planet. It is them.

You’d think after countless visual essays on this very topic the dirtbags would get together and say “we have to leave the protest areas the way they were when we arrived. Conservatives always do, and they always do those stupid visual contrasts between our rallies and their rallies. Let’s show them this time.”

It’ll never work. At the heart of their movement lies lazy, filthy, dirty, selfish, stupid people.






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  1. They’re too busy learning how to assault conservatives, fight and shoot guns, to worry about such trivial things like cleaning up after themselves.

  2. Those two bottom pictures have been floating around for years. I saw them after the September 2014 March for the Climate. And tgey just keep getting reposting like they just happened.

  3. What hypocrites. I’m sure they are also the ones who denounce “big corporations”, too. So, let’s look at what “big corporation” brand names are in their trash: Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Gatorade, Tropicana, Arizona to name a few that I can read.

  4. “Toilet paper” got me thinking (dangerous!) that somebody ought to suggest to the islamophobe-phobes that they should observe Islamic toilet practices and hygiene: a hole in the floor and a hose. And careful with that left hand!

  5. Who is more hypocritical?
    – The leaders of the green movement are amongst the highest per capita energy consumers and generators of pollution on the planet!
    – The followers of the green movement are some of the nastiest rudest filthiest people on the planet!

    Answer: It’s a tie! The green movement is just one big obnoxious hypocritical jerk fest.

  6. I took a stroll over to the D.C. Mall. The usual pasty, flabby morons wearing self-righteous slogans and little gray ponytails. Virtue signaling each other furiously.
    30-40 years ago the same people attended marches and music festivals hoping to hook up and get laid. Well, fair enough. Now in their 70s, I’m guessing they attend marches now from habit, and hoping for some “meaning” in their shallow atheist existence.

    And yes, incredible amounts of trash. The Left lives on throwaway junk food.

  7. Yes but compared to the occupiers and anti pipeline branches…. never mind was just 1 day.

  8. You need to think like a Democrat. This is not a problem but an opprtunity. The government needs to provide adequate trash receptacles and employ people at a living wage and benefits to facilitate its collection. A tiny, totally reasonable tax on disposables like cups, bags, etc would fund it and the necessary management superstructure..

  9. My sister and her pot head hubby are college grads with “certified” intellect and zero wisdom (they don’t always go hand in hand) as well as zero hygiene skills.

    Go’s with the territory I guess

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