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Every Parent’s Nightmare


A 15-year-old teenager who went to a Dallas Mavericks game with her dad, became part of a living nightmare when she went to the restroom and never came back, only later to be found through nude advertisements for sex trafficking online in Oklahoma City by her terrified parents.

The North Texas teenager disappeared on April 8th at the American Airlines Center. The girl was caught on surveillance video leaving with a man. She was missing for 11 days. More

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  1. No mention of the perp’s description aside from age and sex (40-something-year-old male). What should I make of that?

  2. No Amber alert because she’s a teen?
    How stupid is that.
    It assumes every teen is up to no good if something happens.
    Her picture should have been sent all over.
    And telling the parents go home and report it cuz they don’t live in that jurisdiction?
    They’ll get tons of money and they’ll need it for psychiatric help for the girl.

  3. @ Heatsync MAY 15, 2022 AT 5:14 PM

    I’ll take What privileges do members of The Party’s pet constituents enjoy? For a thousand Alex.

  4. But… taking her out in public, letting her exercise her Human Rights(TM), was lEEEeeeEEEeeegal!

  5. ^^HungJumper

    Agree, closed room, father with implement of his choice, tv camera and no time limit

  6. C’mon Fnucky, what utter and complete asshoe lets his 15 year old daughter wander around a sports arena.

    Smack dat’ sum bitch with a phone book.

    An English phone book. From the 1580s. So it’s all leather bound and full of Ye Olde English script and vellum pages.

  7. fnuck—

    Do you ever make sense?

    Choose Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3. (Don’t sweat it—they all have the same answer behind them.)

  8. Ann, hang on now. Some of us like Fnucky.

    Everytime I see that avatar it’s like a lil’ Christmas. You never know whats in that post until you click on it.

    Also, again, if you take the time to try and understand what fnuckys sayin’ instead of dismissing it, you’ll find dat lil’ niggas’ O.K.

  9. Burr,
    Ask Fucknard son of Fucktard to get a better translator – that Hindi to German to French to Afghani to messican to Engrish just ain’t workin out.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. The slime defense will pull a Killary Clinton and claim it’s the girl’s fault because she wanted to be sex trafficked.

  11. You’re all old and cranky. I have found PLENTY of completely cogent and painfully spelled out arguments from the fine lad.

    He’s kinda’ like me but with…….zero effort to meet anyone halfway.

    Look, just ignore the guy or offer helpful hints. If he is from India, cut him some slack, peoples is starving there are very few of them know what deodorant is.

    I say give em’some time to get his sea legs.

  12. Looking at the pictures it looks like 2 black men, 1 black woman, 3 Hispanic women and 2 white crack whores.

  13. Dallas is a democrat run shit hole now. The filthy lesbians and nigs running the department probably collect payoffs from the traffickers to turn the other way.

  14. He’s ‘evolving,’ Burr. Learning, it would seem, like an alien life form newly arrived on our planet.

    Weeks ago, I announced that I had stopped reading him and gave reasons (language incompetency and illogic). And then, presto, he improves – so I announce I’m reading him again. And now, lately, he’s gotten all spontaneously creative and imaginative, sounding like several different commenters here. Like he’s learning from people.

    It’s possible we’re dealing with an Extraterrestrial. Just want to put that out there. Just in case.

  15. Burr,

    Everyone clearly understands what you say.
    You are clear & straight. Crystal.

    Sometimes, I have No Idea what “fnuck” means. I’m sure he is a good person but ???

    And frankly, a society where you can’t let a 15 year old out of your sight to go to the bathroom needs more hanging rope & jail time.
    (then again, going to the pisser in the last 5 years has really become an adventure)

    Cheers 2 both of you.

  16. gen….

    A. you never know what the other guy’s mental and physical state is. What if he’s all Stephen Hawkings mushed down in a Captain Pike chair?

    B. I often type stuff that I realize later makes no sense if you weren’t inside my head at the time seeing the chain of logic. It’s a habit people have if they haven’t been typing that often.

    C. Alien? I’m actually hoping Fnucky is some sort of FedGov killbot.

    D. you can jump over to the tucker carlson thread and see Fnucky being very cogent and rational at the end of the thread.

    E. lastly, it’s someone new. I like new people. If I wanted a super exclusive website for all the cool people…I’d start my own.

    F. if none of the preceding moves you, just pretend you’re rooting for your nephew at the special olympics.

  17. This site allows us to get to know each other to some degree.
    People generally know where I’m coming from.

    That’s why I encourage ‘Anonymous’ writers to take the 0.00036 femto-seconds and develop a screen name.
    While you’re at it choose an avatar to finally curate a unique iotw presence.

    I get why you want to be John Doe at the whorehouse but here it’s nice to know that you aren’t the same Anonymous that was such a dick in the previous thread…

  18. She very likely arranged to meet up with her “boyfriend” at the game and split, she may or may not have know he was a pimp.

    Fortunately for the perp, he crossed a state line so the feds can step in and give him a position on Joe’s staff.

  19. @ORWW ~ if you look closely, two of the women in the first row look very similar to the two women directly below them (just different hair styles)

  20. The two white women have multiple prostitution convictions. One of the black guys was convicted last year of failing to register as a sex offender, he was supposed to be watched for five years, that worked out real well. The real kicker is the same judge is on his case now.

  21. Whenever I’m with my granddaughter and she needs to go to the ladies room, I stand right outside the door with a gun in my pocket. If I were to see a guy walking out with her, he’s going to look like a piece of Swiss cheese after I’m finished.

  22. You are responsible for your own security.
    In a public place full of other people, this Dad would have escorted daughter to restroom and waited outside for her to come out.

  23. Human trafficking was not a national epidemic until Obama and his third term proxy, Jello Joe let the Mexican cartels control the southern border.
    Criminal elements that already exist in this country have found a lucrative partnership with criminal international border runners in association with cartels.
    Now, what used to effect mostly foreign nationals embedded in this country, now involves American children. Poor girl in the news report became another statistical victim of leftist policies.

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