Ex of alleged Pelosi attacker says he is ‘mentally ill,’ thought he was Jesus: report – IOTW Report

Ex of alleged Pelosi attacker says he is ‘mentally ill,’ thought he was Jesus: report

The former partner of the suspect is a nudist activist who said she has “always been very progressive.” more. [Just the News]

24 Comments on Ex of alleged Pelosi attacker says he is ‘mentally ill,’ thought he was Jesus: report

  1. Just one more way the Pelosi’s got hammered.

  2. Of course he’s not Jesus. Everyone knows Jesus is down at the border, sneaking across it.

  3. Well when Paul and Nancy meet the real Jesus, they will probably get a lot worse than a little tap with a hammer.

  4. Paul was in De Pecker Mode with his Personal Jesus.

  5. “He’s mentally ill”.

    You don’t say!

  6. A man believes himself to be Jesus: people call him mentally ill.

    A man believes himself to be a woman: Society must respond with all deference and accept this man’s reality as true.

  7. Paul’s (Bobby according to Biden) Personal Jesus was trying to drive 9 inch nails up his dookie chute….

  8. Mentally ill didn’t cause him to allegedly break into the heavily monitored and secure Pelosi compound. It wasn’t anything Nancy or Paul did to cause this. In fact, even though DePape is the one alleged swinging the hammer, he’s not to blame at all. There’s only one thing that made this hammertime: Election denial spread by far-right conspiracy theorists. They are the real attackers and they need to pay for this crime. Well, that’s what Joe Burden is saying. No, really, he’s really saying that, it’s not a joke.

  9. Nancy thinks she’s God.
    This could get good.

  10. …I had a frequent flyer on my Squad that had a number of mental issues, and we generally got a call when he got violent and the cops red-tagged him. One time we went there after he belted his minister with an acoustic guitar, and he said it was because he (the mental) was Jesus and the minister was a false prophet.

    On a later visit, he apparently got a promotion from Son to Father, and we were told in no uncertain terms to unhand God Himself.

    We did not. Turns out this version of yahweh wasn’t god of restrains.

  11. well, he may not be Jesus but he does have some divinity, right Nancy?

  12. I’m not convinced that DePape is the attacker in this case. It appears to me as though the Pelosi version of the story demands leaps of faith that, if history is anything to go by, they are not worthy of. Let’s cut the horse shit and admit that there is security footage and hand it over pronto, or it can be assumed with almost complete confidence that the Pelosi version is a total fabrication.

    So, if he didn’t break in and, in fact, was invited in… there is an admission that both he and Pelosi were attempting to gain total control of the noggin knocker and DePape won out and was able to put it to use. There is at least a 50% chance that DePape was the victim here and defending himself against a known lecherous drunk.

  13. In today’s world anyone who doesn’t recognize his claim as valid must then be a Jesus denier??

  14. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I wonder what DePape’s wife is in prison for. She is a Nancy Pelosi lover and calls herself straight up a progressive and her ex-husband has the same views. The ex soiunds liuke she’s the one mentally ill – their neighbor said they were whacked. So, according to the article Paul Pelosi picked up a male prostitute. No alarm went off so, Pelosi had to have invited him in. BTW, Paul wasn’t alone when he had his DUI recently. That part was omitted from the story. A young man maybe?

    Ya know, someone ought to write a novel about this. Make a movie too. I swear it all sounds like Peyton Place on steroids. It’s a best seller!

  15. To accept the Pelosi version would stand Occam’s Razor on it’s ear over and over again. Combine with the likelihood that security camera footage at this location does not exist. Combine this with rumors of Pelosi being on the down low have been circulating in SF for decades. Combine this with the evolving nature of the Pelosi narrative. Combine this with the least trusted media in history lining up on one side.

  16. don’t understand the problem here. everyone knows this guy was invited in, as Paulie P is gay as a tangerine.

  17. You aint a nudist if you don’t vote for me.

  18. I thought Pelosi thought she was Jesus. Anyway, next time get the right Pelosi.

  19. Being a nudist in SF is enough to get a person committed to the loony bin anywhere else.

    He’ll freeze to death in January. If he walks through the fag district naked he’ll be ass-aulted by a vicious gang of diseased perverts.

  20. Sounds like fake news to me. He is one of pelosi’s homosexual hookers.

  21. Take note that spciety’s lowlife reprobates such as the washed-up and obese Rob Reiner, Cankled Rejected Housewife Clinton, Painted Blackfaces Jimmy Kimmel and Gavin Newsom, KKK Associate and Racist Joe Biden, Wannbe-White Obama Bin Lyin’ and others have banded together overnight to denounce the Paul Pelosi “attack” and to blame the right. Funny how PP’s lover David Depraved DePape “broke into” the Pelosi degenerate’s house without tripping any alarms.

  22. Democrats gather together by emailing each other overnight to engage in more distraction of a mega-failed bogus nominal president of the United States.

  23. Listed in Homopedia’s volume 2, index page, “Proper usage of common hammer for perverse pleasure, after properly lubing the shaft with boytoy jell and inserted, the claw portion should be positioned down so that it can be used to massage the prostate gland from the neither region (taint area) for greatest perverse satisfaction.” Obviously they were fighting over who got “firsties” with the new hammer and their new method of pleasing each other. More helpful hints to follow in volume 3, “Why goats and sheep always bleet WHHHHHYYYYYYY? when in the presence of Muslim males.

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