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Lockdowns: The Great Gaslighting

Michael P Senger

More than two years since the lockdowns of 2020, the political mainstream, particularly on the left, is just beginning to realize that the response to Covid was an unprecedented catastrophe.

But that realization hasn’t taken the form of a mea culpa. Far from it. On the contrary, in order to see that reality is starting to dawn on the mainstream left, one must read between the lines of how their narrative on the response to Covid has evolved over the past two years.

The narrative now goes something like this: Lockdowns never really happened, because governments never actually locked people in their homes; but if there were lockdowns, then they saved millions of lives and would have saved even more if only they’d been stricter; but if there were any collateral damage, then that damage was an inevitable consequence of the fear from the virus independent of the lockdowns; and even when things were shut down, the rules weren’t very strict; but even when the rules were strict, we didn’t really support them.

Put simply, the prevailing narrative of the mainstream left is that any upside from the response to Covid is attributable to the state-ordered closures and mandates that they supported, while any downside was an inevitable consequence of the virus independent of any state-ordered closures and mandates which never happened and which anyway they never supported. Got it? Good. more

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  1. Welcome to the Communism of the 21st Century, the era of Great Gaslighting.
    COVID Gaslighting
    January 6 Gaslighting
    Southern Border Gaslighting
    Economy Gaslighting
    Ukrainian Gaslighting
    Aaaaaaaaannnnnd the biggest one yet: Global Warming brought to us by the same people who caused the Out-of-Control inflation and a recession, yet insist they know how to adjust the temperature of the planet! Guess whut – people are going to get a taste of the real man-made Climate Change this winter when they’re breaking frozen dingleberries off their collective asses in a cold, friggin bathroom!
    While China, Russia and India are burning coal at unprecedented rates, it just might dawn on some of us that “Climate Change” was only ever a tool to destroy the West with by the radical Left using a demented Jackass to dick-slap America into the pre-industrial age past!

  2. I kinda enjoyed the actual lock down part of the program, mostly because I never did it. I’m in an “essential industry”, I was even issued this derfy little card I was supposed to d
    show any cop who dared interrupt my vital travel (none ever did). I not only had the whole highway to myself, even the State Troopers had lost interest in it, so THAT part of the whole thing was pretty fun, actually.

    The REST of it sucked pretty hard tho. They actually cancelled my knee surgery WHILE I was at the doctor’s office getting my presurgical physical (Gov. DeWhine did THAT, the Communist asshole), so I got 3 extra months of unnecessary searing pain, so on balance, probably would have rather just skipped the whole thing.

  3. A virus so deadly you need a test to see if you have it, cured by a vaccine so safe a normal side effect is death, with any vaccine shortcoming directly attributable to those who didn’t participate.

    If that never happened I wouldn’t believe it.

  4. I’m just happy that I survived it. Most that I’m pleased about, is that I didn’t give in to those A-holes. I got my licks and kicks in. I wasn’t well liked, I didn’t care, I didn’t like them either…filthy face masks contaminating everything! But ha, ha, they got jabbed and now they’re scared $hitless that they could drop dead any second. So, they got their come uppins. I’ll remain a pure blood thank you very much.

  5. Pure blood and now natural immunity from the ChiCom virus. It took 3 years to get it and it was no big deal. Some of it was unpleasant – like the intermittent body aches but I thought it was just the early flu. 3 years, no needle poison, as little masking as possible, simple hand washing hygiene. This crap is why we shut down the country and millions lost their incomes and businesses? Indeed a scamdemic. Nurse after nurse told me of their 4 jabs and 2-3-4 times getting Covid. The Stepford Nurses just can’t add 2+2.


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