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Executive Branch Begins Planning for Transition


Shalanda Young, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, sent memos to all executive departments and agencies, directing them to name a point person for transition planning by May 3. It’s the routine first step in congressionally mandated preparedness for presidential transitions.

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  1. Prepping for transition by replacing the batteries in the spy cams and eavesdropping devices. Short-Sheeting the beds. Putting cat poop in the dresser drawers. Switching salt and sugar in the kitchen.

  2. Prepping for the transition to Kamala in June. Or a head fake before martial law. But certainly not an actual orderly transition to PDT by the Deep State/Uniparty. Certainly not when all their media tells us that “BiDeN iS mOviNg uP iN ThE pOLLs!”

  3. It’s pretty clear hat they’re covering their tracks, taking no chances with the corrupt, brain-damaged clown they have to follow around with a pooper-scooper. Notice that nobody is still after Biden about his classified document scandal. That’s old news. And now we hear that PDT may have been set up by the deep state during his rushed transition from power, when the GSA dropped pallets of classified documents on Trump’s front porch:

    “When President Trump left office, there was little time to prepare for the outgoing transition from the presidency. Unlike his three predecessors, each of whom had over four years to prepare for their departure upon completion of their second term, President Trump had a much shorter time to wind up his administration.”



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