Extraordinarily Important Unmasking Story – Michelle Appears in Public With Negro hair

Look at the retweets and likes.

As the Daily Wire says, it’s not like her husband is embroiled in a highly explosive scandal at the present moment.

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  2. Let me throw in a mini rant: “I Am Not My Hair”.
    I did the ‘natural’ hair thing for about 1.5 years. Let me tell you, I went to all the natural hair sites on the internecks and discovered that 90% of those women are the most unhappy, racist, backstabbing, divisive, judgmental human beings I have ever met. They actually narrow themselves down by hair type, hair color, if you like to go afro or not. Petty shit. See, there are different classes amongst them, and lawd help you if your hair is not in the correct one, and especially if you use a relaxer to stretch out the curl even in the slightest, or someone in your family is White. You are no longer Black at that point. lol.
    Anyway, I quit. Because it’s not worth it to me to be fixing my hair for 2 to 3 hours a day ( My hair is not uniformly curly and I had wavy and straight areas, etc.) and spending $$$ in products. Life is too short. I’m back on the “Creamy Crack” (hair straighteners) and I am living my life. 😀 Hallelooojur!

    But if the natural nazis wanna use Mich as their mascot, they can go right ahead. They’re cut from the same cloth. Pfft.

  3. What would happen if Maxine Waters and Michelle Obama had a slow motion automobile accident and just exchanged wigs in the crash?….

  4. And that’s not her real hair.
    It’s a “natural” wig.

    MO wears a constant rotating series of wigs from day to day. This is just the latest.

    There are lots of interview photos and footage of her “real” look. Scraggly nap buzzed off to 1/8″ all over, so it doesn’t fight the wig.
    Waking up to that just once would turn any youngish Indonesian secular/Muslim biracial bisexual gay-curious foreign-exchange Chicago law student over the edge.
    Just sayin’.

  5. Didn’t we see her wear her hair up like that for the photo opps in the WH Garden? I believe we did. Why’s Gif having an orgasm?

  6. Now that BO is off on his homosexual tryst and far away from extradition, he decided that this was a perfect time to get ready for the upcoming football tryouts. He heard that the Bronco’s need a middle linebacker!

  7. I have said from day one that thing is a hermaphrodite. Unable to conceive. Think dead wrestler chyna.

  8. @ Rufus, I’ll bet you’re right on the money…HE/SHE/IT probably uses that same method like Ru Paul!

  9. Double chin’s coming along nicely, isn’t it? And those arms haven’t looked ‘toned’ for years. Still has those ‘magic marker’ eyebrows, though they fade away in sunlight–HaHa!

  10. I guess she is letting it all hang out while her hubby is on an all male 30 day retreat in Tahiti at Marlon Brando’s private resort with a bunch of other men. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

  11. That “natural” hair is as fake and failed her attempt at species appropriation of humans. Good try, Sasquatch.

  12. Go ahead, put Melanias pic and the Mooche’s pic side-by-side and let’s take a poll. 🙂

  13. I wish I had “Black” hair. Every senior Black woman I’ve seen with ultra short hair looked great in the cut.

    Moo looks bad in any style because of the permanent scowl on her face.

  14. Granny says that looks like a girlilla that had one of those sex change operations that went real wrong!

  15. I just think about all the $$$ I’ve spent on getting my hair curly while they spend $$$ getting their hair straight! Sum ting wong here.

  16. Out the window goes the Afro-Sheen, in comes the natural “colored” look. Hahahahahaha! Give it up, FATASS.

  17. Call me a “dude” again and I’ll whip yo lily-white ass …
    and then break you down like a shotgun and fuck the shit outta you!
    Wi’ my NINE!

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